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User Image oscarbyday Posted: Feb 22, 2018 7:02 PM (UTC)

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User Image my_chemical_way_ Posted: Feb 22, 2018 6:47 PM (UTC)

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Some song lyrics (and I know that the backround of the lyrics from "heaven help us" is from Famous last words) #famouslastwords #mama #inevertoldyouwhatidoforaliving #helena #mychemicalromance
So many
Bright lights that cast a shadow
But can I speak?
Well, is it hard understanding
[MCR-Famous last words]
#mcr #geradway #famouslastwords #mychemicalromance #my #chemical #romance
I was tagged earlier in the week by a couple of IG-lovelies to share.
Christina @patinaville is co-hosting a new-to-me tag #CreatingMyHome I’m about to start a 🐔bone broth #failedvegetarian and this is very much the way we cook. From scratch. I always loved baking (thank you Mom) but was shall we say less enamored with cooking 😒. The past few years we’ve made dietary adjustments and are baking waaay less. With that change I’ve shifted to actually being thoughtfully engaged in planning/prepping meals👩‍🍳. Next Melissa @megillicutti is starting a new tag #TQITB (the quest is the best) for sharing things we Always search for whilst thrifting. Me? So many things (which is awesome because she’s doing the 26 letters of the alphabet and this week is A). My share for this installment is Apothecary bottles. I adore them—>as in more than mildly obsessed 🤓 They house all our happy little spices (I label the bottoms because I prefer them sans paper - but your friendly frustrated librarian 🙋🏻‍♀️ keeps them in alphabetical order to keep finding they right one simple) Wanna play either/both tags? Tap pic for hosts and I tagged a few friends for good measure #cookingjoke
#blackcapcottage #kitchen #interior #whitekitchen #simplicity
User Image rhymeswithcount Posted: Feb 22, 2018 4:42 PM (UTC)

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#famouslastwords "I'll never knit a blanket," I said. I've crocheted several, but knitting seemed too slow for such a big project. However, these little mindless squares have been the perfect thing for my bus commute #busknitting #commuteknitting #knitting
User Image chriscappy12 Posted: Feb 22, 2018 4:05 PM (UTC)
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“Climb Rainbow Mountain, it will be fun” they said. #famouslastwords #stuckonamountain
User Image shutupitsbands Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:57 PM (UTC)

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I get really happy finding other people who listen to CTE because they’re not as popular as the other bands as I listen to but they’re still great. 💕
User Image shutupitsbands Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:55 PM (UTC)

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hi i love bands & my boyfriend & my family & friends sm sometimes you just have to be grateful for the things in life that you have
User Image shutupitsbands Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:53 PM (UTC)

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forgot to wish the beautiful Ash Costello a happy birthday yesterday 💕@ashcostello
User Image esther_roposch Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:36 PM (UTC)

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• Cause this is not the end
It‘s time to transcend and start another journey 🎶🎵 ~Famous Last Words ✨

#metalhead #theendofthebeginning #famouslastwords #ohrwurm #pircings #musicislife #geileband #12mmplugs 😌🌹
🎧⚡ E come ogni #giovedì che si rispetti, vi buttiamo un po' di decibel nelle orecchie con il #PezzoBusseria ! ⚡🎧 💬 Questa settimana: #MychemicalRomance von #FamousLastWords 💬

#mcr #gerardway #tuttarobanostra #TRN #RadioCittaFujiko
User Image soulfit_traveling_yoga Posted: Feb 22, 2018 11:31 AM (UTC)

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I’m still learning to love parts of me. I’m still learning that being gentle is not a sign of weakness. I’m still learning to wear the color pink. I’m still learning to eat correctly 90% of the time. I’m still learning to wear sunscreen. I’m still learning to control moments of road rage. I’m still learning how to do a handstand. I’m still learning to say no to things or situations that I don’t want in my life. I’m still learning to ask for help when in a bad space. I’m still learning to be ok with spiders. I’m still learning to accept other people’s differences and not judge, I’m still learning to forgive, I’m still learning to let go, I’m still learning how to be the kind of person that I have set out to be, I’m still learning what it means to be human, I’m still learning... #Michelangelo#beinghuman

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