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User Image _spacefamily_ Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:16 PM (UTC)

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There once were two god who looked after the earth. The god of the sun and the godess of the moon. Together they took care of the earth for a long time peacefully until one day the moon godess had pity on the 'stupid' humans so she gave them brains and a creative minds. The sun god was angered at first but they then watched the humans invent more and more stuff and get smarter and smarter. They loved them and called them their children. But the humans didnt only build things to make their lifes easier but also invented weapons and fought in wars. The two god only watched them horrified as they continued to get more and more agressive and destructive. The rich didnt share with the poor and some cultures and people werent accepted by sociaty. It disgusted them.
One day they had enough. The humans had angered them so much that they decided to let them dissapear forever of their beautiful planet. They created storms, earthquakes and other horrible things to get rid of the humans. In their anger they didnt hear the humans scream fot help and mercy until they saw a group of people. They didnt seem do scared of dying and were smiling at eachother. Confused the gods turned into humans and asked the group why they werent scared. One girl told them: "Oh we are but we are also happy that we have eachother and can spend our last moments together". The gods looked at the group. Tears filled the eyes of the moon godess. "You remind me of a family" she said to the group as they revieled herself as the moon godess. "We are! Even though we arent connected by blood we still are family" the group replied. The sun god looked at the moon godess. "They dont deserve to die! They are our children! Why are we destroying what we once created instead of trying to help them find the right way" she sad to the sun god. The sun god understood what the moon godess meant and turned towards the group. {Continued in the Comments ~Some🔪}
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The past few days have been magical. I’m not sure of how to explain it. Thank you to John Oliver for saying fuck all the fucking time and not giving a fuck because you give me life. Thank you to @pink for literally saving my life with your music. Thank you to the audience for supporting and connecting with me. Thank you family and friends.
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Nothing is better that real life. ⠀
Show it in your pictures! ⠀
Show the perfect but also the imperfection as emotions are often there :) ⠀
Art photography should call emotions.⠀
Please follow me. In the next days I’ll show you more of my documentary family photography. ⠀

3/3 ⠀

Rien n’est plus beau que la vraie vie. 
Montrez la vraie vie dans vos photos! 
La photographie doit vous permettre de garder une trace de ces émotions. 
Suivez moi - les jours suivants je vais vous montrer plus de photos de famille documentaires. Un nouveau mouvement photographique qui me tient à coeur. ⠀
3/3 ⠀


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#capturetheeveryday ⠀
#familystory ⠀
#keepinitreal ⠀
User Image yuanajatu Posted: Mar 20, 2018 1:08 PM (UTC)

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Lapar membawa kita kekuliner2 yang luarbiasa, terjebak dan tersesat gara2 nurut manut sama arahan2 dari penunjuk jalan membawa kita kejalanbuntu yang memaksa kita percaya bahwa "malu bertanya sesat dijalan" its real, macet selalu berhasil menciptakan drama2 keluarga dari yang cerita humor smp tangisan dramatis dan setiap perjalanan selalu melahirkan cerita2 yang tak pernah usang sampai anak sampai cucu sampai boseeeeennnnnnnnn..

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User Image chateauberger Posted: Mar 20, 2018 12:10 PM (UTC)

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