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凌晨四點出發-有如殭屍片場景的休息站-花150夾到旅程新夥伴卡比獸-文章牛肉湯-陪土木人工程競賽場刊拍照-吃東區格子冰-場刊紀錄again-本來要幫忙但五分鐘就睡著-國華街鱔魚意麵-蜷尾家賣完只好吃冒版蜷蜷家-逛台南artbox-邱家小卷米粉一樣賣完只能隨便吃一家-幫育銘搬家噴蟑螂噴霧-飯店check in玩了兩小關燈嚇人-蝦仁飯-花園夜市-在車上浪費油兩小時-阿明豬心收店了但老闆看我們在旁邊冗很久還是讓我們吃了。
幫大家整理一下這次的key word:催眠、假記憶、燈泡💡
User Image fanfanholy Posted: May 16, 2017 2:35 PM
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手中紧握车匙 追不到往事
User Image m_torico Posted: Apr 24, 2017 9:43 PM
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アルバムが発売になったのでInstagramにも掲って来ているけれどSuchmosとかも含めて開かれた音楽オタクでオリジナルを咀嚼して新たにオリジナル化出来るタイプの人達がメジャーに出てきて嬉しいw それが欧米の模倣が格好良いって思い込みから脱却したTokyoオリジナルのスタイルだと思うからww
#satelliteyoung #fakememory
User Image mini_senpai_ Posted: Jan 24, 2017 6:23 PM
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Manche Dinge werden sich nie ändern ._.
Aber heißt noch lange nichts schlechtes ^3^
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ggbsas 10M ago
📷#canon 1300D 1/250 F10.0 ISO100 27mm AWB AF
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#cokerart180 #fakememory. The small puppy in the picture is now 11 years old and it is surreal to think my puppy is that old.
User Image trenthillart180 Posted: Oct 21, 2016 3:44 PM
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This is a picture of my dad and me washing dishes together at my grandma's house. I used to love helping my dad with yard work and really anything, just as long as I got to be with him. #cokerart180 #fakememory

User Image asegenrelit Posted: Sep 28, 2016 5:03 PM
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Leading up to this one photo, Matthew, at the time was my greatest friend, but we fought like an old married couple. Now we are sitting in a bathroom with my sister and his two sisters laughing at us or cooing in some cases; because this was out punishment. This is weird right, how can sitting on a floor holding your best friends hands be punishment? Well its punishment because we would wrestle around the ground like two rabid animals. So after we were pulled apart and dragged into the cold bathroom and sat down on a slightly wet bathmat. Every time we fought and only our sisters were home, because our dads were at work and usually our moms were out shopping and getting Susie Q’s coffee, this is what went down. We would have to hold hands, and sit crisscross applesauce and stare into each other’s eyes, until one of us cracked and apologized or the time limit ran out. We had a time limit depending on the bad thing we did. Sometimes it was five minutes and sometimes it was 20+ minutes. But these moments when I see a picture of us it makes my heart melt, because no one knew we were in trouble, they just assume we’re deeply in love!
#fakememory #ASEfakememory -Trinity Fleck
User Image asegenrelit Posted: Sep 28, 2016 4:50 PM
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This picture is a clear representation of how 5 year old me was fearless. I was out with family, hiking away on a dirt trail like we did every week. I have no clue what trail we were on and I know that Washington does not have many snakes .So here we were listening to the dirt rub against the souls of our shoes, when we heard, “BRO- WATCH OUT!” “HEY MAN? WHAT? OH CRAP” Interested in the commotion I rushed up to see two manly college man poking at a snake and watch it start to try to slither away. I stopped and looked at the snake and then began to walk towards the two college kids as my grandma and mom caught up with me. I kept inching toward the Boys who were poking the snake, until little ol’ me bent down and grabbed the snake. The smile that came upon my face and my small chest welt up with triumph as I squealed out “MAMA I HAVE A SNAKKKKEEEEEE!” The look on my mom’s face was great, seeing her jaw hit the floor as I raised the snake higher. My grandma then took a second to capture this moment before telling me “Trinity, no pet snakes, put it back or your sister will have a heart attack!” So me being the loving sister I am, I put it back and jumped up giving the college kids a high-five before skipping away like a boss. #ASEFakeMemory #FakeMemory. -Trinity Fleck

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