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It's so CLEAR throughout scripture yet so many of God's sons and daughters are BLIND to the *TRUTH*, following fake motivational speakers claiming to be pastors, NOT preaching what's to come NOW, not carrying out Christ message and comission, following their OWN ways and believing it's correct. Christ is NOT divided, and MOST generally think of God's many *TRUTHS* as things to be 'believed' or 'understood'...not as things that must be OBEYED. The apostle Peter wrote, and it introduces how OBEDIENCE to *TRUTH* is tied to conversion... "Seeing you have PURIFIED YOUR SOULS in OBEYING THE *TRUTH* through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of brethren..." (1 Peter 1:22) 🖑🙋HELLO! The Greek word for obey carries the additional meaning of "attentive hearkening, listening, compliance and submission. THAT IS SERIOUS. 🤤
Further, obedience to points of *TRUTH* is seen in this passage to be INSEPARABLE from 3 things: 1. The purity of one's conversion 2. The role of God's spirit- the "Spirit of TRUTH" (John 14:17; 15:26)...actively assisting in obedience to TRUE DOCTRINE and 3. How one GENUINELY LOVES THE BRETHREN. 🤤Powerful. Thank you Lord for opening my MIND,HEART & SOUL to the *TRUTH* 🙏👼#mindblown #walkinginTRUTH #chosenpeople #scripture #eternal #humbled #Godskingdomiscoming #Christsoldier #faithfulservant #obedient #loyaltotheEND #GodaboveEVERYTHING #biblestudy #spirituallyfit #crowned #prayer #littleflock #called #ONEtruechurch 🤗😇🤓
Daily Huddle: Tony and Lauren Dungy devotional : We’re all facing struggles...
We could talk on and on about our awful finances, our struggling marriage, or our shallow relationships with our kids. But what if we looked at things in a new way? Instead of asking why God is allowing us to face these struggles, what if we asked how these struggles can most glorify Him? 1 Peter 4:12-13 encourages us with this simple message:
“Friends, when life gets really difficult, don’t jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.” Maybe your awful finances is a chance for you to start over–to change your financial lifestyle and be an example to others of giving to God first. Maybe your struggling marriage is a chance for you and your spouse to pursue counseling. And maybe this counseling could strengthen your marriage so that you’re one day able to encourage others to have a Christ-centered relationship. And maybe your shallow relationship with your kids is a chance for you to reevaluate your priorities in life. Maybe it means spending less time at work or on the phone and more time with your kids.
So be encouraged to stop focusing on the downside of your struggles and start thinking through how your struggles can lead you to better glorify God! #askhim #seekgod #growinfaith #faithfulservant #aprayingwifedotcom #aprayingwife #marriagegoals #marriage #prayingformyfamily #home #husband #wife #spiritualleader #dontgiveup @tony_dungy @dungyfamilyfdtn
I never sleep a night before surgery... I'm to busy worshipping.. today I'm claiming the victory as I head into surgery 62! #EverythingAttachedToMeWins #ItsMyWinningSeason #TestAwayGod #FaithfulServant #ChildOfGod
As a believer in Jesus Christ and what's he's revealed to me in a dream is meant to be shared. As the world falls away and everything around seems like it's falling apart on the contrary bible prophecy states it's all falling Into place. These are all signs that must come to pass before the second coming of Jesus Christ. God controls everything including the weather and calls for us to wake up, repent and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. On my video description you will find other YouTube video channels of other Watchmen who can explain more in depth about our times and revelation. If you don't know Christ, don't know where you're going when you pass away, backslider etc. watch my first video called the sinners prayer on my YouTube channel and become saved. God bless you all.
I am so glad that the Lord hears me when I pray. He is a Deliverer!
Do you remember that time you thought you wouldn't make it? Or even that time you thought you lost everything ? Well King & Queens you survived ! And that is your testimony that God will lead you to the water, not to drown you but to cleanse you. Every day brings new light & YOU are the true determinant of your future. NOT man ! Man can't save you nor destroy you, only God can do that . If you don't give something power how can it manifest ? I have faith in the King, the most high because he was right there with me when I wanted to give up and he whispered to me "one more chance." You are not defeated ! So keep thinking positive thoughts and God will bless you with abundance. To be in the presence of the Lord I can only give thanks because he brought me through . Someone needed this today, so I'm praying for you 🙏🏽 #faithfulservant
A shout out tonight to our worship team that tirelessly prepare and create an atmosphere of faith week after week. We appreciate you. 👏🎤🎸🥁🎹
#faithfulservant 🌺#flowers 🌼#matchjoeysshirt 🌸🌻
IF YOU CAN'T ACCEPT WHERE YOU ARE NOW AND PRAISE HIM DURING YOUR PLATEAU. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE IS GOING TO ELEVATE YOU TO YOUR NEXT‼️ #remainfaithful #turnupurpurpose #dreamupprayupreceive #faithfulservant #blessed #favor #blessings
🤔 I once heard God doesn't have favorites but He has intimates. I love this! There are some simple things I believe make Him smile over His beloved children who adore Him: 1) talking to Him throughout the day sharing our deepest thoughts and desires (time) , praying up things that in the natural would cause worry and choosing to give it to Him instead (faith) , and seeking His direction and advice through all things that occur (trusting). Have a blessed Sunday. #trust #faith #time #purpose #godschild #aprayingwife #aprayingwifedotcom #marriagegoals #marriage #friendship #christianmom #christianwife #faithfulservant #lovejesus #growinfaith
We enjoyed celebrating my grandpas 90th birthday today. Over 65 years of faithful ministry service and he is still going strong. Happy birthday to the Rev. Billee Scott Mick! #happybirthday #happy90thgrandpa #faithfulservant

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