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Time off for a bike ride with the crew today. Yes, that is Seth spitting his water and throwing his helmet off his head. I love my family. #fairchildren @juliefair
I love how the kids who work with these animals are so easy with them. I enjoy seeing young children curled up in the straw with the calves. Small children jump in the pig pens and shove hundreds of pounds of pig around. I've seen a girl sitting outside their horses stall,and the horse, gently resting his massive head,in her lap. I never forget these animals can hurt me. Even unintentionally. I've had a cow stand on my foot and believe me,I was trapped until she decided to shift. When I put my hands on them,I'm aware of all that hard muscle. The children don't have my wariness and it's beautiful to see. #williamscountyfair#fair#fairanimals#fairchildren #montpelierohio #ohio#cattle#cow#bovine