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Kinda love the dude this coffee is attached to. 💜💚💙 His sweatshirt is pretty rad, too.
Experimenting in the studio today 👌🖌️
In the stillness.
"...but solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances, and from it you will find your paths."
― Rainer Maria Rilke.

Have a beautiful day :) @instagram
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Canvas in progress (detail) - I really like to catch sensuality in a detail - just the line of the neck...the little shadow created by the collar on the back...
Celui qui dort à plat ventre.
Et caresser sans cesse ce petit crâne tout rond, tout doux, tout chaud avant qu’il ne se couvre de cheveux (et dire que j’étais impatiente pour les plus grands).
#slowliving #documentyourdays #35mm #seekthesimplicity #vscodaily #facelessportrait #moodygrams #moodyphotography
I've been fighting anxiety hard today. A horrible night's sleep which led to too much caffeine has got my nerves totally frazzled. On days like these I have trouble breathing, trouble sitting still, trouble concentrating. And my mind becomes an endless loop of thoughts about everything that is wrong, could go wrong and has ever been wrong. It's quite terrible 😔.
On days like these I try every trick I can in attempt to stabilize. Lots of water and calming teas. Reading. Walks outside. Hot baths. Anything and everything that makes me feel cozy and secure. And I remind myself- it's okay. It will pass. You'll get through it.
What strategies do you use to cope with anxiety when it strikes? I'd love some more tools to add to my toolbox.
Oh, and are you using the #thisautumnlife hashtag created by my dear friend Barbora (@herinternest) this week's theme is 'human effect'. So I figured nothing screams human like my naked out of shape torso. (Yes, today's mood = defeated and somewhat snarky 😏).
Happy Hump Day. Meh.
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Oh, the symbolic of apples.
From the forbidden fruit of Eden, gifts to teachers, Adam’s apple & Snow White to MacBooks, iPhones, The Big Apple & keeping doctors away
Have I forgotten any?
Apples are a very common symbol, just stating the obvious 🙈

What comes to mind when you hear Apple?
Fruit, Snow White or your Apple products?
Interesting isn’t it, how much we can relate to something so simple as a red fruit.
When I google apple, the first thing that comes up is not the fruit apple, but iPhone Apple, I’m even writing on one of those at the moment.
Apple, Apple, Apple.
It even autocorrects to big A?
Anyways.. I just felt the inspiration to talk about apples, since I’m posting a apple portrait.
Got any apple knowledge you’d like to share? 🍎🍎🍎
This is Fern. She also goes by her blog writing name; Leafy Fern.
Last month, the annual Good Life Experience festival took place in the heart of Northern Wales. United by all things craft, great food, drink and inspirational talks, the September weekend is an annual celebration of the good things in life. During her inaugural visit to the festival, Leafy was joined by her partner and co-blog-writer Arran Cross. In their blog writing partnership, they both captured the excitement and activity of the weekend via the lenses of their trusty cameras. Arran captured the image above of Leafy wearing her pair of Profile GRY sunglasses.
Reportedly, there was an unspoken but mandatory 'festival-uniform'during the course of the weekend. This situation became rapidly evident, as similarly attired friends sported paralleled items of well made clothing. Shirts, by @mcnairshirts , shoes by @redwingshoes , bags by @trakkebags and several pairs of our Profile sunglasses made for an unspoken but evident dress code. For those who participated, you know who you are.
@arrancross @leafy_fern @alpinish @robevansphoto @dakwilson @goodlifeexperience @withloveproject .

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