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Big, big news! Alert the presses! Call your cousins! Send a letter home to Mama! Starting N-O-W I just blogged “Style 101: Inspired Films” on Read about how a 90’s classic film inspired some pieces of @shopamalfii series 02. Love the looks? Feel free to browse around and save 20% off by using “Ayesha20” at checkout. But you don’t have to take it from me, it’s probably already trending on Twitter or something. Told ya it was big 😉

Ph. By @marlonrizo

Trousers: @shopamalfii
Beret: @forever21
Slip on sneakers: @targetstyle
What draws you to a certain place? I felt drawn to this fishermen’s village because of the colors - it seemed unique & it was! I love it all when I’m traveling - quaint towns, bustling cities, sandy shores...every place holds something special. Both a crowded city and quiet nature make me feel alive. What setting do you feel like your most drawn to & why? I wanna know! .
PS hi, to any new followers! I’m ciara! Have any questions...drop them below! I️ don’t post photos just for you to see me traveling, but to empower you to see the world for yourself too! I’ve got a blog with more in depth tips & I write long captions so you can see what goes on beyond the pretty photos!
Just making sure the fences in London are secure 😋. Wearing the cutest heart print faux fur jacket and Fanny pack from @forever21. Shop them: #liketkit #f21xme #uoonyou #stilettobtravels
I always wanted one of my pictures to be turned into a drawing and it happened yesterday as me and @n_.colas, an amazing artist from #Paris collaborated on this image that I took of @glorybayonne . This is what true collaboration is for me, when two artists come together and are able to add value to each other’s craft. Many people want to “collaborate” now a days but don’t even know the value of their craft or don’t know how to add value to other people and just want pictures for their page. What are your thoughts on collaboration?
What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. 💭#buddha
Did someone say weekend??? 🎉🥂 (Similar bag :1000191323; Shoes: 2000229352) #f21europe #f21xme

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