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User Image urisquishysoo Posted: Dec 18, 2017 6:37 AM (UTC)

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Here a cute Soo with his handsome glasses to fit this post 😹💞
I never make a post about personal issues and im never on hiatus, but this time has come 😭😹
So i will be on hiatus from dec.19 until dec.27 because i will have an eye surgery. Some of you worried that i have a disease or problem with my eyes, all of you are really kind and cute who worried and wished me fast recovery an coming back 💞 but dont worry my eyes are fine, i will only have a lasik surgery cuz my eyesight is terrible 😩 not anymore soon 😏
So please understand my absence because i will be banned from using computer and phone because it might damage and hurt my eyes. This means i will fcking MISS THE UNIVERSE MV MAN NOT COOL 😭😹 I will try to watch it somehow tho i will go blind idc i have to see it 😹
So thank you for your understanding i will be back soon, if we dont meet until then, then Merry Christmas to all of you 😊💞🎄🎉🎁 All credit to the owner

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🔞Mini story!!! Nothing too serious just enjoy! -WHO IS YOUR BIAS?. -
Your bias was going for a business trip and asked you to come over to his house, after school you went straight to his house and you spent time together as usual but you didn't have sex, you just cuddled in each other's arms feeling each others warmness, it was so calm that you didn't want to let go, and later that day, His driver drove him to the airport and he warned you not to go out of the house and you nodded, before he left. -
When you ran inside the house you screamed hurray!!! You thought this would be your opportunity to club with your friends so you wore one of the skimpy party wear he bought for you the last time you went shopping and dashed out with your friends
The party was fun that you didn't notice it was pass 12 midnight, so 45 minutes later, you reluctantly went back to his house and guess what happened? -
You walked into the room unaware that he was home. "On your knees," his voice was a soft hiss, but it still held all of his power in it. Without a moments hesitation you went on your knees, your eyes looking around the dark room for your Master. He was seated in his Captains chair, a black leather bullwhip in his hand.- Looking at the floor, but holding your head high, you spoke softly. -
"I... I'm s-sorry I was unaware that you would come back home." You stuttered, His soft laughter made a flash of fear run through you, and you felt your heart begin to sink.
"I did not say you could speak little one, now come here." His voice was soft and stern, a frightening combination.
When you're becoming too stubborn and then that hands fully wrapped around your small throat, choking until you fall asleep.... Ugh!!! you won't die... You'd only pass out and wake up repenting 😂😂😂😂
@real__pcy You're perfect baby.😘 -
#chanyeol #parkchanyeol #PCY #exo #exofan #exolovers #exol -#exofan #exoplanet #exodus #exopower #exo #exoluxion -
Kindly follow 👉@chan.yeolsbae for more updates. Thanks really
User Image e.x.o_id Posted: Dec 18, 2017 6:34 AM (UTC)

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Kai 😍 teaser album winter "Universe"😍
Ekpresi mukanya pengen di apainnn gituhh 😂😂 .

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User Image exokokonut69 Posted: Dec 18, 2017 6:30 AM (UTC)

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Samsudin:( pas fotonya beda dari yg lain. Pake iket kepala, biar kaya naruto:(
Adm Nan🐥
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