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I hope they give you enough wifi on deployment. Gonna miss you boo 💕 #ewbye
"..and i wonder
if ever cross ur mind
for me it happens
all the time."
If you didnt get matching necklaces and summer manicures with your saltmate, are you REALLY saltmates?
this is what my tum looks like after supper. (4 coors light, 2 spicy chicken wraps from a & w with a fry and root beer, a turkey salad sandwich and french onion soup.) #cheatday #thickbitch #yourlovemooooovesme #ewbye
If this photo ever posts, it's just to let you all know that I'm never coming back to Cali. #ewbye
cmtgrdn 19w ago
My baby brother from another mother graduated from high school yesterday 😭😭 David, you have the brightest light and I am proud of the man that you have become. I hope you know that I will stand by your side until the day I die. I will miss you while you go to college in Missouri but I know that you will always be with me in my heart. Keep on shining bright, you fucking star. I love you with everything in me. #ewbye
Ugh 😑 a promise to myself ; never let your nails get that bad again #ewbye #nails #throwyasetup #bestiedate #jbdb #lovelovelove @oxbaabyjb you da real MVP baby, had a nail emergency n you made it all bettttta

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