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User Image everydaybayarea Posted: Nov 23, 2017 1:24 AM (UTC)
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"In my country Iran, where I lived for 36 years, none of the women in my family wore scarves, but after my president changed 10 years ago, all women had to wear them. In the middle east, there is a lot of pride concerning women. As an artist, I couldn’t show my work, similar to what's behind me, because I paint about women and their experiences. When you grow up with a traditional society and government, you never think you are free. Now that I am here in the United States, I want to try to be free in my mind, but I can't." Photo by: @oneworldjournalist. This session was a very fun shoot. I arrived at her home in Pleasant Hill, CA, and we spent some time thinking about the best place to take her portrait. She had a small studio in the back of her home, in which I asked to take a peek. I entered and found incredible, large scale paintings around me. This beautiful Iranian woman was an artist and she had been working on a series about women and their traumatic experiences. After looking around, I chose to photograph her behind one of her pieces. It not only brought depth to the photograph, but it was a true reflection of the beauty of her experiences and who she is as an artist. This is the last post for today. I will be continuing to share photos from my series "Who we are: the will to adorn" all week. Stay tuned. #everydayeverywhere #sf #bayarea #iran #middleeast #america#edba_womenphotographers#sanfrancisco #catchlighteveryday #eastbay #art#portraits #everydaybayarea #travel
You make mistakes when your younger but we learn off them and move on to bigger and better things. Sometimes we get betrayed by the people we love the most but you let them loose and keeps it moving. The Universe has a plan for you and they ain’t part of it no more for a reason. Trump proves ANYONE can be president. So keep your expectations high, don’t settle for less. Our ancestors were warriors and it’s still in our Blood. Get up dust yourself off and take control of your destiny, RD....#catchlighteveryday #everydaybayarea #fotomish
User Image everydaybayarea Posted: Nov 22, 2017 5:09 PM (UTC)
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[Crowned at Birth] "The Jewish woman is called Akeret Habayit, which means the foundation of the home. Once a Chasidic Jewish woman becomes married, her hair becomes the same status of any private part on her body. We’re raising her with the tradition that when she gets married she’ll be covering her hair as wellI. I see my wig as my crown. I feel like the wig being an adornment on the head of a married Jewish woman represents her royalty in that she is a real power in the future of her people.” Photo by: @oneworldjournalist. This shoot was very special for me. It was my first shoot in someone's home, and it featured a precious little baby, which really took a lot of patience. With the shoot, I made sure to spend time with the family instead of shooting right away. I do that with most of my subjects but because this was one of the first times the mother and child were being photographed together in their home in Berkeley, CA, I took the access that I was granted very seriously. I have always been fascinated by Jewish culture, but having the time to sit, listen, and learn from this beautiful mother was a treat. For me, this photograph reflects the beauty of motherhood and tradition. I am continuing to share photographs from my photo series Who we are: the will to adorn. Join me on the journey all week. #everydayeverywhere #sf #bayarea #jewish #berkeley #motherhood #america#edba_womenphotographers#sanfrancisco #catchlighteveryday #art#portraits #everydaybayarea #travel
My beautiful mother is in town for the holiday and i couldn’t be more excited. 🤗
User Image everydaybayarea Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:44 AM (UTC)
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[My People, My Place, My Home] "Māori Mo Ake Tonu means Māori Forever. I call myself an AMaorican. I'm a mix of American and Maori-- like two sides of a single coin. My culture is a bridge between where I live now and where I came from and continues to influence my identity and sense of who I am. My mother taught me about my Maori culture in New Zealand through music. She used to play the ukulele and sang Maori songs to me. I can remember singing my favorite Maori love songs, Pokarekare Ana. When I am dancing, I wear the Rope Pare, ( top) , which I hand embroidered myself. It represents our link to San Francisco. The blue represents the waters, the white represents the fog, and the black highlights it all; the moko on my chin is a way to identify my tribal and family roots. Through these symbols, I have found a way to bring my Maori roots here where I now live.” ⠀
Photo by: @oneworldjournalist. This photograph was taken in Lake Merced near the Ingleside District. I chose the lake because I felt that both the body of water and the surrounding plants closely resembled New Zealand. This is my final post for today. Join me early tomorrow for more photographs from my series "Who we are: the will to adorn. Thanks for joining me. #everydayeverywhere #sf #bayarea #maori #america #edba_womenphotographers #sanfrancisco #catchlighteveryday #art #portraits #everydaybayarea #travel
User Image sfdaybyday Posted: Nov 22, 2017 3:33 AM (UTC)
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Heading off to find new places, unique experiences, and more San Francisco adventures 😊
User Image one.alike Posted: Nov 22, 2017 12:11 AM (UTC)
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A market in Chinatown. San Francisco, CA
c. 2017 #onealike (@jaushr)
User Image echiangphoto Posted: Nov 21, 2017 11:59 PM (UTC)
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Ping Yuen, a pubic housing building in San Francisco Chinatown, is under construction due to a new ordinance from the federal government called Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD). RAD was created in order to give public housing authorities (PHAs) a tool to preserve and improve public housing properties and address the $26 billion dollar nationwide backlog of deferred maintenance. RAD also gives owners of three HUD "legacy" program (Rent Supplement, Rental Assistance Payment, and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation) the opportunity to enter into long-term contracts that facilitate the financing of improvements.
Since the late 1970s Ping Yuen (and its neighbor North Ping Yuen) has become a community struggling with underfunded management and repair, crime and a disconnection to City services and support. The nonprofit Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) stepped in and now own the Pings. They work with residents to protest poor conditions, and have provided staffing to support residents.
In 2014 San Francisco opted to use HUD's RAD program as an opportunity to transfer public housing buildings to developers with community nonprofit ties who could rehabilitate and operate the buildings long-term. Ping Yuen, consisting of three buildings with 234 units, is one of four properties that Chinatown CDC selected to transform, own and operate. Chinatown CDC developed a plan to improve these nearly 70 year old buildings, improving the units, the systems, and safety and security while also adding a much-needed community center for resident events and community activities. Improvements and construction began in late 2016 and will be complete by the beginning of 2019.
Photo by Emma Marie Chiang
#chinatowncdc #ccdc #publichousing #rad #affordablehousing #publichousing #everydaybayarea #everydayeverywhere #sfchinatown #chinatown #rentalassistancedemonstration #cominghome990 #sfpublichousing #sfaffordablehousing #chinatown #documentaryphotography #documentarystorytelling
User Image everydaybayarea Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:07 PM (UTC)
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[Orgullo en la Noche] “I was always surrounded by all the color living in Peru, and now, I love to have all that color around me. The hat was made by a local artisan in Lima, and the cape is from my hometown in Arequipa. These pieces are very important to me because they bring me back home; they are a reminder of who I am." ⠀
Photo by: @oneworldjournalist. This photograph in particular is one of my favorites. I shot this in the cold night at Grand View park in the Sunset District in San Francisco. I loved how the city lights and trees worked in our favor, giving us just enough color and shape that we needed. I am continuing to share photographs from my series "Who we are: the will to adorn.” Join me all week as we travel the world from right here in the Bay Area. #everydayeverywhere #sf #bayarea #peru #edba_womenphotographers #sanfrancisco #catchlighteveryday #art #portraits #everydaybayarea #travel
User Image mason_trinca Posted: Nov 21, 2017 5:37 PM (UTC)
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Bird watching at Moss Landing is my new favorite pastime. Outtakes from @sfchronicle’s Travel Section

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