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User Image thehongkongers Posted: Dec 16, 2017 7:17 AM (UTC)

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Central 🇭🇰 中環 | Hong Kong
User Image pok_ang Posted: Dec 16, 2017 6:56 AM (UTC)
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pok_ang 42m ago
The Bangladeshis who have worked at various places in the neighbourhood have become our good friends.
They first came looking confused and sad. After having lived with us for a few years, they got used to our ways, our food, our cultures and our eccentricity. And we have accepted them as one of ours.

Too bad they have to leave when their contract end. Honestly, I wish they could stay. The government should give them citizenship on the ground they are good Muslims and shouldn't we be brothers in Islam? After all they pray at our neighborhood mosque in jemaah.
Really, sir. I wish you and your friends could stay. These guys have to put up with my attempts in trying to understand the technique of off camera flash photography.

They are constantly being harassed and asked to pose to the point, they would try to scram whenever they see me come out of the house with the camera, and the speed light.

They can't get away from me because I carry my camera, especial compact point and shoot, ALL THE TIME. I need a lot practice to understand the intricacies of off camera flash photography and #highspeedsync The only way I can achieve this is by having folks who could pose free for me as and when I need to practise.

This post is dedicated to folks who sacrifice their smiles, putting up with my ignorance in photography.

Don't worry, folks. I have a long way to learn. I know you'd support me in my quest to get better at this. Friendly folks who pose for me for free so I can practice my off camera flash photography until they might lose the will to live. #usj4 #securityguard #guardhouse #alert #subangjaya #nikond7100 #uniform #ig_mood #ig模型同好会 #ig_daily #ig_shotz #igotthis #この同じ空のもと僕らはigでつながっている #igmalaysia #igersworldwide #igersworldwide #igで繋がる空 #igersdaily #ig_captures #ig_murcia #ig_malaysia_ #bangladeshi #ig_malaysian #everydayasia #bangladeshi #everydaymalaysia #frequencyseparation #joemcnallyworkshop #fujifilmx20 #fujixseries #petronasusj4
User Image kanishkgrover_ Posted: Dec 16, 2017 6:42 AM (UTC)
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Flower Market
Kolkata, 2017.

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