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User Image aneguademe Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:51 AM (UTC)

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User Image michaeleltigre Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:45 AM (UTC)

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In the Kebra Nagast ( The Ethiopian Holy Book) The Glory of the Kings , we learn that Makeda Belkis from Saba (Queen of Sheba in the Bible) is intrigued by reports from merchant Tamrin of Israel's King Solomon. The Red Sea area (between Yemen and Abyssinia) travels to Jerusalem and there conceives the first of Ethiopia's Solomonic Dynasty , Menelik. Cameroonian-French sisters Celia and Helene Faussart deliberately assumed the name Les Nubians to share African narratives . Their follow up album 'Temperature Rising' honored the Senegalese scientist Cheikh Anta Diop . Music and enlightenment. Merci mes soeurs Faussart. Ache' ❗️🙏🏾🎶🗼 EL TIGRE #lesnubians ,#makeda , #habesha ,#kebranagast ,#ethiopia ,#ethiopian ,#abyssinian ,#africa ,#afropean ,#diop ,#cheikantadiop ,#africanhistory ,#blackhistory ,#panafrican ,#worldmusic ,#domingo ,#dulce ,#cameroon ,#camerooniangirl ,#cameroun ,#camerounian , #france ,#michaeleltigre ,#michaeltigre
User Image millennialpalette Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:39 AM (UTC)

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Question No 10.
What is your experience as a solo female traveler? .
For the most part I have not found much difference traveling than in regular life either home or in the countries I have lived in. Traveling and inhabiting this world as a woman who feels happy, fulfilled and completely realized on her own is somehow threatening for many. I get the same prejudice almost anywhere. Where is your husband and your children? When are you going to settle? Traveling on your own is extremely empowering and somehow it makes a lot of men and woman uncomfortable. Both people I know or knew closely as well as strangers. Somewhere around 13 years ago for the first time in my life I realized having children wasn’t for me. Before that, I never even knew it was a decision one takes but a given of the way life goes. I have great respect and admiration for so many beautiful families I am surrounded by. I can see how it is totally meant for them but not for me.
Traveling the world and seeing the tragedy and suffering of millions of children completely confirmed it. Have I regret it? Not at all. With time the realization came that it was not a Dharma meant in this life for me and I have gotten all the possible and impossible confirmations. I was meant to experience so many other things in this life. Have I not experienced real love and commitment? Yes, I absolutely have. I have experienced the most beautiful unconditional love, the one that does not need to be tied up, compromised, supervised. I have learnt to love with complete freedom, respect and loyalty. A type of love that allows me to live my life fully the way I need and always dreamt of. The type of love that does not want anything back. A love that is barely experienced on this realm. Living outside of the box and social norms is by no means easy but if you dare, life can be absolutely wonderful. Live your life and your dreams your own way guided by your own intuition and remember what the great Wayne Dyer used to say “If you follow the herd, you'll end up stepping in shit.” .
What is your experience as a female solo traveler? Have you dare to live your life under your own terms? Can’t wait to hear from you.
User Image rastafaridaily Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:37 AM (UTC)

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Tefera is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a shanty house on the outskirts of the city. During door to door evangelism for the 2017 Dessie Mission, a team approached his building. They thought it was abandoned, because it was on the verge of collapse. When they peeked inside, they found Tefera asleep in his wheelchair.

Tefera was amazed that the team had bothered to investigate such a dilapidated house and even more amazed by the teams loving and accepting attitude toward him. “I have been incapacitated for 19 years”, he told us. “I have no relatives and often times I go hungry for days. I haven’t even been able to make good use of the wheelchair that was donated to me because I can’t afford to replace the tires. I was hopeless and had no peace until these people told me that Jesus loves me. I accepted Jesus into my heart right then and now I have peace like I’ve never known. Thank you for coming to my shanty house! Now I know that I have eternal life and my name is written in the Book of Life in Heaven. I know where I will be going when I die.” In addition to the Gospel message, AE Ethiopia will be supporting Tefera by getting him new wheelchair tires and rebuilding his house for him!

Read more stories on our website 👆🏼
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User Image 3rd_eye_king_ Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:17 AM (UTC)

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@Regranned from @negusnetwork - Two questions: 1) How can something be the OLDEST when it deliberately states that the Ethiopic 'VERSION' was made from the SEPTUAGINT / SEPTUAGINTA? 2) How can something fallacious ( unless you over-stand its allegorical foundation) be the MOST COMPLETE? The Ethiopic Bible is considered pseudepigrapha or FALSE-ATTRIBUTED works / books that hold no truthfulness & written under unknown authors to gain readership by imitating scripture. The term pseudepigrapha comes from the Greek pseudo, meaning “false,” and epigraphein, meaning “to inscribe,” thus, “to write falsely.” While the pseudepigrapha may be of interest to students of history and ancient religious thought, they are not inspired by God and therefore not part of the canon of Scripture. The oldest BIBLE is not the Hebrew ( Ibri ) bible(s), The OLDEST bible is the SEPTUAGINT & the Septuagint was plagiarized from the "Book of the Dead". Try & rebuttal me all you want with your Google, Wikipedia, etc., answers. BTW, for all you Book of Enoch readers, who assume that was also a real person, do me a favor. They say there were no vowels in ancient times... but who / what do they call the ancient people of East Africa / Ethiopia? ANUAK! Using fundamental linguistics, replace the vowels of Enoch w/ the vowels of Anuak & the Ch w/ the K. It's the same SHIT. They've been f*****g y'all since day one. You MUST, UNLEARN, EVERYTHING, you have learned. One last thing, have you ever heard of the Anawak, Anyuak, Anahuac etc., (Anuak) people? 2018... This work... you shall receiveth. Fake scholars beware. #Anuak #Anawak #Anahuac #Anyuak #Taino #Aztec #CopperColored #Amexem #Mexico #Olmec #Ethiopia #Habesha #Eritrea #Sudan #TaSeti #TaNeter #Maghreb #Washitaw #Wichita #MoundBuilder #BirdMound #PovertyPoint #Septuagint #NegusNetwork #Nagas #Negus #Nacas #Naacal #NaacalTablets #Inca
User Image Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:13 AM (UTC)
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User Image coffeemimi Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:09 AM (UTC)

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