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E P P E R L Y : Wild; Brave; Strong (Germanic/Saxon)

A female version of the ancient Germanic "Eberhardt," Epperly stands the test of time. With names like #Everly #Everlee #Everleigh racing to the top of the baby name charts, Epperly offers a preppy, sporty alternative.
Famous bearers include the fictional Gossip Girl character, Epperly Lawrence: an Oxford graduate and assistant editor at W Magazine. Played by the brilliant actress @allthenewsthatsfitztoprint Nicknames could include:
Pepper, Pippa, Peppy, Eppy, LeeLee, Pearl, Pearly

When I hear the name Epperly, I imagine a tennis-playing, Lilly-Pulitzer-wearing, radiant girl with a big smile on her face. She has all the charm and grace of a 1950s East Coast socialite. Polite and poised, Epperly has the essence of a much older, wiser, woman from the time she is a little girl. In numerology, Epperly has a destiny #7 which relates to analysis, understanding, knowledge, and awareness. Epperly has an incredible intellect and aptitude for solving complex problems. Observant and curious, she seeks to understand the truth of a situation, and often shares the most profound insights. This intuitive spirit will surely excel at everything she puts her powerful mind to!

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in 1958, the patriarch of the Bettenhausen clan, Tony, Sr. tied his second-best finish at the #Indy500 (4th).
Tony also won the '51 & '58 #ChampCar titles. He is also one of only two drivers to win titles under both #AAA (1902-1955) and #USAC (1956-1995) sanctioning.
33 days until #INDY100TH.
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