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Basic bandeau bra Beige
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곧 홈페이지에서 만나보실 수 있습니다😊
My first experience was at 5 years of age. After that every single day of my life for almost 9 years. At the age of 10/11 I found my uncle in my bed naked, touching me. By 18 I was so used to it I began thinking it was normal. You know. The groping, the stares, the comments, the harassment. I thought for so long it was ME. I used to think well, I must be doing something to ask for it. At 19 I was violently and brutally raped. That's when I finally broke completely. So NO! It's not YOU, it's not NORMAL and it should never be kept a secret. I wish I had known waaay back when it started eating me up inside... #metoo #sexualassault #rapesurvivors #speakup #cometogether #enough
Tonight is together live at TPAC! Hope to see you there 😊message me if you want to meet before ❤️
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Maybe you were everything and he wasn't enough because it's not always you sweetheart
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I am good for a while
I'll talk more, laugh more
Sleep and eat normally.
But then something happens
Like a switch turns off somewhere
And all i am left with is the darkness of my mind
But each time it seems like I sink Deeper and deeper
And am scared...
Terrified that one day i won't make it back up.
I feel like am gasping for air, for help
But everyone just looks at me with confused faces wondering what i am struggling over.
When they are all just doing fine and it makes me feel crazy.
What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?
#anxiety #reality #pain #enough
I've debating posting this but I get soooo angry thinking about all of it. My first memory of this is when I was 14! And some senior boys during track practice told me and a friend we were prude because we didn't "put out" I had to go home and look both these words up because I didn't know what they meant. To men I've dated and told I love and then have to rationalize their actions and words by saying it'll only happen once (it's never once). This isn't to be-little the amazing men I call friends, father, or some amazing gentlemen I've dated but when is enough, enough and at the end of the day affects us all. The women and the men who try to date us with the right intentions and have to fight through the walls that we have built because of the bullshit. F*ck #metoo #enough