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God is so good 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I am so very thankful for all that he is doing in my life..grateful for the love of my family and friends 😍
Blessed with my mighty little warrior princess Miya ❤️ she is progressing well and starting to keep on the weight THANK GOD! I’m praying that she’ll be able to come home by her due date Dec 4th🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #grateful #thankful blessed #encouraged #loved #mightymiya #teammiya #prayerful #faithofamustardseed
{One Year Bookiversary} One year ago I was celebrating the launch of my devotional, In Due Time: Hope + Encouragement in the Waiting! Today I’m celebrating with a SALE! Head to the {link in profile} to grab the coupon code and get your copy of #induetimedevotional 📘💌📬
After the show last night at Faith Christian Academy... These kids hungry for #thegospel & #discipleship #encouraged
I prolly signed like 20 phones and arms for them!
Oh, my God, for me only you.
And I have no strength except your strength.
#Encouraged my weakness
When a stranger asks you for your #photo you say yes !!!! Then when your friend takes this .... #priceless she be taking ALL of my #good angles #Afro #Harlem #zoo what ?? #bronxzoo is a joke DON’T go y’all ..... YOU PAY for general admission but can’t see anything .. trying to stay #encouraged #concretejungle #artist #writer #singer #musician #lover #believer #particular #BBW #afros #blackgirlmagic #jazz #centralpark #jazzinthepark #beautiful and free 99
I miss you very much @bagibert ,Sundays are not the same anymore since you have passed this year, you are were my #mentor you #encouraged me, you #supported me, and as I sat in the first row at your church(@detroitworldoutreach ) you always made me feel like I could be somebody ,( I ain't got that no more but #MyFaith,)I miss you & I thank you for always supporting me in being a man of God and one day being a pastor ,but you are right #faith is what takes us to all blessed places in life I miss you my mentor my Bishop @bagibert #RestInHeavenInBishop ! Faith is the substance of all things hoped for the Bible also says without faith it is impossible to please God,So let us tap into our #faith,& be believing for God to do good and mighty things in our life thank you Lord for giving us Faith to have faith in you in Jesus name amen ! #faithontopoffaith
#100Fam ,yesterday was a very sad day in #DetroitCity ,we lost a very influential person in #Detroit, ( @doughboy_roc ) the Bible says what does a man profit, if he gains the whole world but in the end loses his soul.) So I have faith & hope,that the the loss of this #pioneer ,will bring my city together.I have faith that people will come together and #support one another not just rapper's, but everybody in the city ,saying everybody is ah big statement and jumping out on faith, but that's how much faith I have, & even if it's not everybody, I'm hoping that those that are important in the eyes of others in the city will step up to the plate and make #Detroit a better place.In life we can't #judge each other ,we can't #hate each other & most definitely cannot #condemn each other The #Mayor of #Detroit @tricktrickgs ,has always #supported me (Rafeal/Rocky) in being ah #Pastor 1 day.When I 1st start doing my #ministry (via #socialmedia) the first person I did not tell was my mother, relatives, day ones,I went to somebody that I looked up to as a #leader which just so happens to be #TrickTrick ,when I told him,I wanted to give a Godly word out every Monday to the people & I wanted to take people's prayer request on Thursday & pray for people & their prayer request, without any #hesitation this mighty man of God himself #encouraged me & didn't #judge me, he didn't ignore or laugh at me,or he didn't say aw man that's not Detroit rap that has nothing to do with Detroit,as matter of fact, it's not like he didn't even respond back to me.What he did do is #encourage me & gave support ,he gave me the push I needed to continue to spread the word on social media, so my point is ,no matter what we do in life, no matter where we're going ,we cannot #judge one another, it is a #blessing to be able to #support each other in our gifts & talents God gave Us,So after losing @doughboy_roc ,I hope my city will start #supporting each other in whatever we are trying to accomplish|.#AngelsAreReal Real ,it's all in #DbcRoc #lyrics about #God he is ah #GhettoTestimonty #inRealLife #HeavenIsBetterThanDownHereDbcRoc | We cant #judge ,we must #support #100Fam #HealDetroitLord
Hero Highlight: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Also known as “FDR,” Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents in history.
Roosevelt became a figure of comfort during the darkest days in the United States. He pushed legislation out quickly and used his first 100 days in office efficiently.
Together with his wife, Eleanor, they built America back up. By the end of his second term, WW2 was quickly approaching the U.S.
Roosevelt was once again elected for a third term. During this time he expertly provided help to Russia, China, and the United Kingdom while not declaring war on the Axis powers.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt declared war on Japan the next day. He used this opportunity to create an industrial boom in the United States and ultimately outproduced the superior technology of the German army.
Roosevelt had an amazing ability to communicate with the citizen’s of America through radio programs called fireside chats. He was able to accomplish so much even while wheelchair bound the entire time.
FDR’s astounding ability to lead is why I have chosen him for my Hero Highlight.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, you are truly a Gritty Gentleman.

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