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Someone said I was a pretty boy a few days ago and that's had me laugh in since I heard it. "Pretty boy" lmao so ok, tell me what's pretty about me and my life. Tell me what's pretty about lookin like you went swimming with your clothes on an hour into work. Tell me what's pretty about the six months I did in jail, the probation I'm currently doing and the addictions that got me in this spot to begin with. Tell me what's pretty about turning my first apartment into a crackhouse at 19. Tell me how "pretty" I am with the molars I grinded to almost nothing after years of amphetamine abuse. Tell me what a pretty boy I am after I drank a 24 pack and flipped my first truck, or how pretty it was when I was sitting next to the wreckage of my last car after a withdrawal induced stuper. Please tell me cause when I look in the mirror I see shame and the ghosts of my mistakes. But the past is the past and yes maybe for once in my life I feel better about my appearance and am actually taking care of myself these days. But don't think I never struggled or had anything given to me. I've lost it all over and over and always ended up back on top through my own hard work and persistence 👑 #kingnothin#empireofdirt#aintnohidinthetruth#prettyboyout

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