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User Image aishaheals Posted: Jan 21, 2018 2:26 AM (UTC)

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✨✨all the answers are within our reach.. it’s just a matter of getting to the point where we are courageous enough to listen to the inner voice, accept wot it’s telling us and learn from it and heal ourself and move on 🌈.. that’s wot the journey is all about ✨✨ Hit ♥️ if you agree with the importance of this inner courage and strength in our journey..
User Image aliveandpure Posted: Jan 20, 2018 11:16 PM (UTC)

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User Image whiteoakswellness Posted: Jan 20, 2018 10:20 PM (UTC)

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Emotions are high during the 2018 government shutdown, don’t let them get trapped inside where they can cause all kinds of problems with your wellness. Not sure if it’s for you? How about a #free mini session?! Contact me or comment below for more information. 😀

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User Image imagin8shun Posted: Jan 20, 2018 8:06 PM (UTC)

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If nature can change this much in 1 day, think what your body and soul can do when you increase the light within? 🔅🔆🌟✨💫💖 #raiseyourvibration #beyondascension #emotioncode #energyhealing #reiki #joshuadavidstone #lightquotient #mightyiampresence #unconditionallove #unconditionalselflove #weareone
User Image essential.prosperity Posted: Jan 20, 2018 1:10 PM (UTC)

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There can be emotional blocks that make us fear putting ourselves out there. Don't let the past hinder you from living a glorious future. Emotion Code now.
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User Image aishaheals Posted: Jan 20, 2018 1:01 AM (UTC)

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It is indeed within us to save ourselves <3...we have been given the power WITHIN and we must trust the inner voice while walking the path <3 <3..
User Image mydeepessence Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:40 PM (UTC)

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Definitely been a tough and challenging week. Lots of physical and emotional challenges. I don’t know what I would have done without energy healing, emotion code, essential oils to release pain and 2 sister goddess with hearts as wide as the world their love reached me miles away. I’m so grateful and blessed to use such powerful healing tools on myself. Using this stuff never means you won’t have bad stuff happen. It means you are more equipped to move through it. People often suffer in silence if they reach out support them. Healing is necessary in life’s divine and challenging moments. But sometimes you just need someone to pass by home and hug you or make you a cup of tea too. Breaking through to higher ground. #energyhealing #emotioncode #givemeahigherlove #essentialoils #traumarelease #traumarecovery #selfcare #healing #healerhealthyself #healerhealingherself #healersgonnaheal
User Image empoweredbeauty.wellness Posted: Jan 18, 2018 10:05 PM (UTC)

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“Everything has changed, and yet I am more me than I have ever been.” Iain Thomas. 💜 .
The past couple of years have been about growth & transformation for me. I keep growing into more of who God has created me to be, and I finally feel like I’m living my most authentic life. I’m far from perfect. I’m constantly working on being a better wife and mom. And I strive to be closer to Jesus.
I’ll be honest, fear has set into my life often & it’s led to a lot of overwhelm, and ultimately me hiding from that fear.
I shared my story with the energy healing that happened with the Body Code in my private group - I’d love for you to join in with the link in my bio to read my story.
User Image rachelnelsonpaulson Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:52 PM (UTC)

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This is "A list of conditions and diseases that my patients came to me with, where trapped emotions appeared as a contributing factor and many times as the entire cause of the condition. I am not saying that releasing trapped emotions is a cure-all. The Emotion Code should not be used by itself in attempting to address any major disease or medical condition, but rather, it should be looked upon as an adjunctive therapy. When trapped emotions are contributing to physical illness, removing them can only help." - 'The Emotion Code' Dr. Bradley Nelson 👆👆👆 Tap the link in my bio for a free download of The Emotion Code book to learn more.👆👆👆
User Image essential.prosperity Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:02 PM (UTC)

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Each child comes to us with specific gifts and talents, but they also come with inherited ancestral trauma from two separate lines.
With each child being so different in the way they function in the world, these inherited emotions and traumas can be harder on some than they are on others...but it affects all of them.
One thing I have learned in this healing journey is that our ancestors don't want us to have to carry their burdens and mistakes. They want us to heal, to feel loved and succeed in our lives.
As we are able to help our children and unshackel them from the pain of ancestral trauma, whole generations will be healed.
#emotioncode #bodycode #childhoodillness #childhoodtrauma #healthechildren #healtheworld #adoption #adhd #angermanagement #ancestralhealing #ancestrydna
The subconscious mind registers EVERYTHING around us, even the fine details that we aren’t consciously aware of. And you better believe that although we may not be conscious of many of the things it stores away, we are driven by the beliefs and perceptions that are created by the input we receive. Crazy, huh? So what can we do to become more in control of who we are and what we allow to run our lives? 1) We can consciously choose which television shows, movies and media we want to expose ourselves to, 2) We can be conscious of the words that leave our own mouths (yes, the brain is listening and can hear you loudly and clearly - take the words ‘I’m stupid’ or ‘I’m fat’ out of your, and last but not least, 3) We can actually use the knowledge of the subconscious mind to our advantage by locating stuck energies and trauma and releasing them (which Miracle Code Healing can assist you with). With knowledge comes power, if we put the knowledge to good use and make changes ♥️✨🙏 #louisehay #spirituality #emotionalenergyrelease #emotionreleasetherapy #emotionalhealing #love #peace #growth #neuroscience #neurotips #emotionreleaser #healing #wordsarepowerful #thoughtsbecomethings #consciousness #miraclecodehealing #emotioncode #emotionrelease #mind #brain #power #knowledge #knowledgeispower #knowyourworth #affirmations #quoteoftheday
User Image whiteoakswellness Posted: Jan 17, 2018 11:44 PM (UTC)

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Okay, my wellness routine includes snuggles with my Tika. She’s quite happy that I got out her favorite blanket! Notice that her eyes are still clear?! Love the #emotioncode !! It works on #humans too!! How about a #free mini-session?

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User Image aishaheals Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:41 PM (UTC)

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While healing others you heal yourself 🙌.. it’s a nice give n take 💕

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