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I unknowingly and accidentally left this little guy in the street by the curb last night when we left the WJCC after watching some YULA girls volleyball. It ate at me all night because I couldn't figure out where he was!!! At 1:23am I thought maybe we should call the little motel next to the WJCC that I parked in front of and see if they were willing to go take a look on the street. And the lady was so kind and went out to look in the middle of the night and she found him!!! And I just drove all the way over there and got him back! I felt so so so bad last night and now I feel so so so happy!!! #elated #relieved #badmamathengoodmama
I just can’t thank you enough Keeravani sir :) Watching the movie and singing all the BGM bits makes me feel content!
PS : Remembering all those wonderful memories of the recording sessions 😍
#tbt #baahubali2 #bgm #hamsanaava #harmony #proud #elated #missingalittle #feltlikeposting
As they say, "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." Here's to enjoying today! Cheers!
#hurricaneirma more like #hurricane #IRMA #GERRDUH I’ve never been one for #playintherain but with all the flooding and raining I’m definitely on #baewatch No need to reach for the stars when you already shine the brightest #babe . I’ve known you four years and knew your destiny when we met. So #sorrynotsorry that I posted this with #nofilter and tagged #babesofinstagram cuz it’s no surprise that your a #model on the rise who doesn’t enter pageants but still wins #firstprize #happybirthday lil belated, but every time I see you I feel it’s my bday cuz I’m #elated. #fine like church wine cuz its #blessed and has #body. Ha #stpetersburg #florida #goodvibes despite #brokenback
Link in bio 🙌
Hello Everyone,
Heartiest Congratulations to all those who made it to the list.
It was an extremely excruciating job to filter out the best poems.However, out of around 600 poems, I have selected 65 poems which will make its way to the upcoming book, #Musings_At_Dawn.
All who could not make it to the list, please keep writing as I would be coming up with more such opportunities.
Love & wishes to all :-) Also, I'll soon get in touch with the selected co-writers on Watsapp. So, I do hope that your numbers are active on watsapp.
#Repost @didintle_khunou (@get_repost)
Only @steven_feinstein can leave you feeling happy and energized after a full day of tackling Shakespeare. Look at these beautiful grins😁 enjoying every moment at the @indigo_view Summer Programme.
#actortraining #actorslife #heightenedtext #amazingclass #indigoview #southafrica #backagaintomorrow #elated
Ahhhh!!!!! I can't believe I won, I never win anything. So elated that I won't!!!!!!!! Thank you so much @dearest_sparrow for hosting this giveaway, I truly appreciate it!!!! Your art is awesome, keep up the good work!!!!!! #giveway #winner #giveawaywinner #elated

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