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Doing a project concurrent with my intermediate #students. The idea is to quickly develop a series of works based on a problem or idea from from outside of class. I'm re-reading #faulkners Light in August and thinking about Lena's journey from #alabama to #mississippi Needs to be touched some more, but they're on their way I think. #art #printmaking #screenprinting #monotype #drawing #eiu
Yall just don't know. First time killed #atkins it was in college. As a poor #eiu student, this was life. No oven or fancy recipes. Just $1 for an 8 pack of these
CALLING ALL HOGWARTS STUDENTS! Tarble After Hours Harry Potter Party is coming this October 26th. Come hang out at the a Tarble from 7-10 pm on Thursday night. There will be food, music, prizes, and don't forget to wear your costume for out costume contest. We hope to see you there!
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​Happy Homecoming Week, EIU! 🎉 #LetTheGoodTimesRoar
📢 Show off your school spirit at all the Homecoming festivities this weekend with your very own #EIU blanket scarf! 👉 Get yours at -->
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Let's show our support for our EIU Panthers this weekend! #GoEIU ! 📣🙌
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Ooooohhhhhh snap guys we have a snapchat!! If you have ever wondered to yourself “how does @djp35 squat the world?” Or ever wanted an answer to the mysterious question “what kind of rice cooker does @juansindac use?” This is the snapchat to add!! You will all be able to see what everyone is eating, what our workouts consist of and how we want to help all you guys to live a healthier lifestyle. Add it today, what do you have to lose?! We promise you’ll have so much to #gain 😁💪🏼 #eiu #eiuaesthetics #snapchat #fitness #easternillinoisuniversity #fitnessrso
A growing young population across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) is increasing demand for digitally delivered financial services, a new report from research the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has revealed.

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This week's feature is Alicia Aguilar! #wheretheyarewednesdays #panthersabroad #eiu #goabroad #eiustudyabroad

My name is Alicia Aguilar and I am currently a senior majoring in Biological Sciences. I am currently studying abroad in Australia and have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country while here, including scuba dive at The Great Barrier Reef. Going abroad has taught me independence and allowed me to become more self-confident. I would recommend studying abroad because you will make lifelong friends from all over the world and be able to see your own culture from a new angle. At first I was hesitant going abroad but I am glad I jumped and went abroad. This experience will be something I cherish for the rest of my life, and you should go abroad to experience it yourself. If anyone needs help deciding or has questions about Australia lifestyle feel free to ask me, I would love to talk about my experience! 🌏
Hard to get a good picture of this one because of the placement but I am very excited about this Disney collection in progress on @diamondlova! Thanks Ash for the continued support in what I do and collection awesome Disney things! Moana was lots of fun! #poorboystattoo #teampbt #pbtcrew #tmosspbt #tmossart #tattoo #tattoos #ink #art #color #disney #moana #princess #inprogress #griffinsalve #charleston #illinois #eiu @poorboystattoo @griffinsalve
This popped up on my timehop today. When being orange was socially acceptable. #eiu
Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks is going to be a segment we do here on instagram where any of you who have any tips and tricks that would like to share can! Our first tip and trick comes from @tyler_mayhem!
Your shoulders are a ton of little fibers all over and a joint prone to easy injuries so making sure you are using correct form is very important. Always start with some light warm ups to get blood around the rotator cuff pumped and warmed up. Start with the rear delts, since they're the smallest and also grow slower so make sure to start off with them first will make sure they’re worn out.
When you do a shoulder lift like flies, make sure you use a light weight. You're going for maximum pump here. These exercises with heavy weights are usually what cause injuries or lack of growth from poor form. When doing military press or any overhead press I keep my elbows infront of my body instead of to the side. That really targets the front delt.
I like to end doing barbell over head press and hold it for max time on the last rep of each set. The continuous load on your muscles will stimulate growth. it's also good for building stability in your core.
Have any tips and tricks yourself?! DM us to be in next weeks tips and tricks Tuesday!
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