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This hair is perfect for the Whitesnake costume of my Halloween dreams 👻🎃
Let me tell you something about keeping a poker face at age 10.
When you’re unsure of your safety at home, you wear a mask. You smile for pictures at school. You take long bathroom breaks and take small naps on the toilet because you were up the night before praying to God that your bedroom door would not creak open. Try holding your pee all night to not stir ANY movement from the scariest monster in your home. You’ll contemplate peeing in a corner of your room.
You keep under your teacher’s radar for fear of a direct question, “Is everything okay at home?” You don’t share any personal information with your school friends because there isn’t anything nice to share in the first place.
You don’t want anyone to know that seeing rectangular blocks of plastic wrapped items that sometimes leave a white powdery substance on the glass and a table weight scale in the dining room is ‘normal’ in your house. And don’t ever dust it off and later bite your nails because that stuff numbs your lips.
Sometimes you bring a peanut butter & jelly sandwich to school but other times you sit at the cafeteria lunch table watching others eat their Mom packed lunches and sipping on Capri Suns and unraveling their fruit roll ups.
Poker face. It looks like something you truly cannot pick out from a crowd of kids and it doesn’t sport any kind of dress code.
No. It’s ubiquitous. It’s the gifted kid that sits next to you. It’s the class clown. It’s the trouble maker. It’s the shy child. It’s the smart-ass. It’s the over-achiever and the under-achiever. It’s the rich kid and poor kid. You don’t ever really KNOW.
Because the last thing any kid wants is to be rejected. Or worse, not believed.
I know something about wearing a poker face.

The only way to know who wears these masks is to remind them: Don’t be afraid to use your voice. It’s powerful. It matters. I believe you.
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80’s FLASHBACK FRIDAY (1984) “Record of the Day” #talkingheads
I have neon sharpie's, a postit and a second to breathe. Obviously that means GhostBuddy Bear in the 80's. RADICAL!!
#bear #ghostbuddybear #postit #sharpie #eighties #totally #radical #neon
61 years ago today my parents married. They spawned 6 kids. 10 grandkids. 2 great grandkids. 5 dogs (oddly they were all Irish Collies named Kelly). If you’re related to me don’t forget to wish mom mom happy anniversary
Here is Brian Borg's newly restored MG Montego Turbo. Isn't it beautiful! Well done Brian! 👍

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