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User Image twendt94 Posted: Nov 18, 2017 3:06 AM (UTC)
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User Image ipushmagazine Posted: Nov 12, 2017 9:31 PM (UTC)
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Congratulations to our iPUSH magazine Lead Journalist Ayana Turner @yanaaiesha starts her Books & Brunch Club in Atlanta ...... The launch of Ayana's Books & Brunch Club was a SUCCESS!! It only gets better from here. I was so thankful for the people who came, desired to come, and for those who purchased shirts. You can still join us for our December's brunch and the location will be announced. Make sure you get your copy of "Soar" by Bishop TD Jakes to be ready to converse at our December's brunch. Thank you @jb30291@loyaltycustomdesigns. @liveprepnation @ipushmagazine @bjonesof3 @stine_ology @moni_malone @jeromeskinner @ladytlight @beautifulbandit74 and many more not pictured. #AyanasBooksAndBrunchClub #SuccessfulLaunch #EggHarborCafe #21DaysOfDifference #PublishedAuthor #LeadJournalist #iPUSHMagazine
San Antonio skillet. Eggs, potatoes, jalapeños, chorizo. The breakfast of champions!
User Image yanaaiesha Posted: Nov 11, 2017 7:03 PM (UTC)
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Thank you Mrs. Bailey for supporting my launch and rocking your Ayana's Books & Brunch Club v-neck tee in black and gold. Contact @loyaltycustomdesigns for all ordering information and any color shirt design you want, she can provide. #AyanasBooksAndBrunchClub #EggHarborCafe #21DaysOfDifference #PublishedAuthor #LeadJournalist #iPUSHMagazine #FreelanceJournalist #Speaker #Mompreneur
User Image yanaaiesha Posted: Nov 11, 2017 6:43 PM (UTC)
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Love this chic to LIFE!! My sis @stine_ology came from Birmingham to support my launch of Ayana's Books & Brunch Club and it means a lot to support each other in our endeavors. #AyanasBooksAndBrunchClub #EggHarborCafe #21DaysOfDifference #PublishedAuthors #SoberCulture #10YearsInABottle #Speakers #Mompreneurs

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