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Today, I'm not even sure what today was? Ups and downs I guess, which is a reality I am slowly learning to accept. Now that I'm thinking about it the 'downs' weren't even necessarily bad things, more things that were challenging. Spoke to a teacher at school who is acting as a school counsellor for kids doing VCE (because our actual school counsellor is SHIT) about everything that has been/is going through my mind these past few weeks, and the actions I have taken. She didn't bullshit me which was nice, sometimes someone pointing out the logic or lack thereof is exactly what you need. She put it bluntly that she was concerned for my welfare. Whilst I don't agree as I'm in no immediate danger from myself, having her say that made me realise I had been slowly self destructing and needed to draw a line in the sand. 'Ups' were studying with my beautiful best friend whom I adore with my everything, and dad letting me have a HELLA LIT SALAD with chickpeas and goats cheese and oven baked veggies and just mmmmmmmmm!! It was so hot today I seriously needed summer food! I have my french oral exam tomorrow so won't be on my phone from as soon as I post this post to tomorrow afternoon (Australian time), just so that anyone who may have been trying to send me a message will know I'm not ignoring them, I'm just not turning my phone on for the next 15 or so hours xx keep pushing my angels, together we can. (AND WISH ME LUCK AHHHHHHH IM SO NERVOUS)
Mal wieder #foodporn
Das Konzert gestern war genial. Ich bin immer noch total begeistert, aber müde und hab so gar keine Lust bis 16 Uhr noch in der Uni zu sein...
Das auf dem Bild war mein Mittagessen, was wieder ein großer #recoverywin war, weil ich ja sonst in der Uni wenn ich alleine bin das Mittagessen immer weglasse.
Im Innen ist es recht ruhig, weil ich letzte Stunde mit meiner Therapeutin Methoden besprochen habe die andereb ruhig zu halten, was im Moment ganz gut funktioniert.
#therapie #therapy #recovery #anteile #dissoziativestörung #dis #university #student #dissoziationen #konzert
Good morning!🦁🌟 Puh... bin erst so um halb zwölf aufgestanden. AUF ZUM KÜHLSCHRANK UND GLEICH WIEDER UNTER DIE DECKE!🙈 Ich werd nachher mal mein altes englisch Buch raussuchen und bisschen Vokabeln lernen. Englisch ist mir ja dann schon noch wichtig, dass ich es einigermaßen kann. Und diese einfache Sprache kann man gut selber lernen finde ich🤓📚 Uuuund übrigens könnt ihr immer noch bis abends beim vorletzten Post Fragen an mich reinschreiben oder andere Fragen liken👍 Eine Frage ist derzeit mit 37 Likes knapp in Führung🤛🤛🤛 Seid ihr eher Team Sprachen oder Team logisch denken? 👋🏾💚

🍁Hiking is best when its fall🍂

I escaped the city this weekend, and lost myself now the splendor and beauty of nature.
It's so easy to get so busy and caught up in all of my worries, and problems, that I forget to marvel.

I love how autumn marks the beginning of the end, but in doing so, it marks the preparation for the start of a whole new life-cycle come spring.🌱

Trying to balance being present in the now which remembering that there's so much more to come is tricky.⛅️
I love the perspectives that nature gently reminds me of, by simply being.
Yes, only right now will it ever look exactly like this. And so very soon, all the leaves will be blown to the ground, and gone.
But new leaves will grow again. Life continues, always.🌤

It makes me feel hopeful. Even though I can't see it, I know it will be.☀️
🍳Sunny-side and perfectly fried🥑

A crispy ghee-fried egg, crunchy bacon, and creamy avocado, all piled high on toast with ricotta, spinach, sauerkraut, red onion, and spicy red chili pepper🌶

Does it get better?🙈
Gentle reminder it's ok, you're doing good! Keep going and give yourself a break ❤️
Better, far more better, than Mcdonald's milkshake I used to love as a small Katrin.

I love this fact: Even its nutriciously stuffed breakfast, enriched by strawberry plant based protein from @veganza_store -pea @growingnaturals, with calcium-rich fig, It s still more healhy and much more nature and animal friendly. And in addition so delicious!

#growingnaturals #veganzastore #smoothiebowl #fig #plantbasedrecovery #plantbasedrecoveryfood #plantbasedbreakfast #edsoldiers
salmon, a buttload of edamame beans, and tomato salad for dinner tonight 👅
I'm practicing something slightly new after my meals— not thinking about what I just ate 😂
I don't know why I haven't made a conscious effort to do this before, because I know that constantly thinking about food is a massive waste of my lovely brain.
other than that, it's been a pretty decent day! I was crazy busy (I always am 😂) and I'm having a fair bit of anxiety about classes & whatnot, but I've managed to stay chill about it and just get my work done.
10.16.2017😪 || Lunch from earlier. I'm struggling a lot guys. I'll leave it at that.
Dinner has beennn fries 🍟, mushrooms 🍄, potato omelette and garlic shoots plus an unpicture Milka choco wafer
Good night 💙
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Rough few days topped off with a rough night by someone in my family phoning me to tell me having a baby is a mistake and they feel disappointed in me. Absolute fuckung dickhead prick. Say what you want about me but my baby? Don’t go there this one keeping me sane(ish) #15weekspregnant #diary #edsoldier #edrecovery #edsoldiers #eatingdisorder #recovery #realrecovery #youtube #ocd #prorecovery #anxiety #anorexic #anarecovery #anorexia #spoonie #depression #chronicpain #chronicillness #beat #bulimia #bloggers #balancednotclean #mind #mentalhealth #mentalillness

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