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Happy Sunday i came home yesterday to these bought by my boyfriend from @doughnotts_official and cause its Sunday we all deserve a treat right #balance 😁. Which flavour to pick twix or snickers? Or both 😂 im surprised they’ve lasted till today. Hope everyones having a great weekend im sure ill be in a #foodcoma after these 🍩.
#nourishrecoverglow #doughnotts #treatyourself #doughnuts #treatday
the daily hug in a mug- vanilla soy latte✌🏻🌱☕️
"I do not fix my problems, I fix my thinking. then problems fix themselves." ✨
your mindset is everything. the way you choose to see things and what you focus on. where you spread your energy will grow. a situation always have different views, what matters is what you take out of it. I'm not saying life is all linear and sparkly all the time, I'm saying there always is something positive to take out of the storms and struggles. oh and, don't be so hard on yourself, little being🌝
"BE FIERCE. BE FEISTY." Last night's activity👉CUPCAKE WARS 🎉 In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my friends and I spent the night helping raise money for Sharsheret, an organization that helps support women and their families suffering from breast or ovarian cancer 💕 Our team had such a fun night, and got to hear from a breast cancer survivor about her story. To the strongest women around, we support you.
#breastcancerawareness #sharsheret #lensesandlentils
Oh my oaty love ❤️ Breakfast this morning was my typical bowl of oats with strawberries, mashed banana, and of course lots of chocolate and flax seed peanut butter 😋
I’m so addicted to porridge. It occupies my thoughts quite often. Sometimes I end up eating two bowls of oats throughout the day 😱 and you know what, who says I can’t, Ana?!
#anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #anawho #edrecovery #edwarrior #edrecoveryfam #eatingdisorderrecovery #realrecovery #fuckana #takingmylifeback #nourishnotpunish
I discovered (and fell in love with) Avett Brothers when I was in treatment. Their music spoke to me and helped heal my broken spirit. I’ve been a faithful fan for seven years and never miss a chance to see them. Last night’s concert at the St Augustine Amphitheater was one for the books. Fun (and much needed) night out with my love and friends!!! .
#avettbrothers #staugustine #musictherapy #edrecovery
Just a gentle reminder that your feelings are valid✨have a wonderful day friends💕
Part of today’s breakfast was this @noosayoghurt 😍. Gahhh i absolutely love these yogurts. So full of flavor, so creamy and just— perfect in every way. I need to buy them more often but can only find them at a store I go to occasionally 😟. But I bought a few the other day when I was there and this flavor was new to me. However it will be repeated because I loved it! Perfect combo. Anyone else tried this flavor? What’s your favorite?? My fave so far is the strawberry rhubarb 😉❤️
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Had my dinner nearly two hours ago now I'm walking my dog and I feel awful like really dizzy lightheaded totally depleted of all energy. My hearts beating so fast and in my ears 😞honestly feel so incredibly faint. Can someone tell me how many calories you cannot avoid absorbing from a binge? Because I need to make sure I eat at least that today I dunno but think I've had less calories than if I was to binge purge genuinely don't feel well at all 🙃😞but walking my dog to distract ----------------------------------------------------
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➡Liebe es am Ende des Trainings, wenn mit Gewicht nichts mehr geht, die Muskeln nochmal durch Dropsätze oder Übungen mit Körpergewicht zum brennen zu bringen 🔥
Wer trainiert heute? Viele entspannen sonntags, weil einfach weniger zu tun ist. Genau deshalb ist Sonntag für MICH ein Trainingstag 😄 Grade weil alles so ruhig ist und man weniger zu tun hat.. Sonst würde ich echt verrückt werden. Ich bin der Typ der einfach nicht den ganzen Tag entspannen kann. Noch jemand hier? 😀
Schönen Sonntag 💗
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Good morning beautiful ppl 🌞 5 INGREDIENT FLUFFY PROTEIN WAFFLE RECIPE⬇️!
Two recipes in a row... I’m rly on my game this weekend!! Feeling so much better today than I have been & ready to kick butt this week. My signature protein pancakes/waffle batter that’s been my go-to for years- BTW, I am #TeamWaffle for the win, ya just can’t beat the texture (sorry pancake ppl!!!) ♥️🥞
Mix 25g @kodiakcakes + 15g whey protein + 1 egg + pinch of baking soda + cashew milk for consistency in a bowl. Should look like batter and be somewhat thin- when it is, pour it into a hot, sprayed waffle iron & cook for 1-2 minutes. Daaaats it!! I added mini choco chips, a drizzle of @justins hazelnut spread and a little sugar free syrup to mine, but these fluffy lil guys are versatile for both sweet & savory creations. 💛😛🌞
Filming a Full Day Of Eating today for YouTube & headed to the gym soon for a (hopefully) killer workout. Happy Sunday friends!
Dinner was 3/4 of the Chinese vegetable soup that I topped with an egg again (yes I LOOOOVEEE it to add eggs in my meals😍) and a tangerine 🍊 they are one of my favorite fruits and I love it when the season starts again 😍🙌 and yes I ate all of the egg out of the soup 🙈 right now I feel a bit bad that I haven't eaten enough today again 😶 I'm not sure if I did.. but tomorrow is a next day to beat Ana's ass 🙌 enjoy your evening sweetys and don't forget: today you can see a meteor shower so try to take a look out of the window before you go to sleep 👀🌠
Late breakfast 🍳💖
2 Sandwiches with my favorite Ham🙈💕 (Haven't eaten it for such a long time but today I faced my fear 🙏💖) and tomatoes
And a tangerine 🍊
I wasn't even that hungry but I had to eat it ☝️💪🏼 Btw already 20 follower IN A DAY?😳 You guys are crazy thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖
( I realized that my Feed looks pretty ugly 😂😂 oh well )

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