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The straight on angle... This is one that I usually start picking apart: "parts of me look wide or big" and "parts of me look chubby"
Likely all of that is in my head, but even if it isn't, why should it matter? Why should I care if I look bigger than my past self or other girls? Why should I compare myself?!
The answer is that I shouldn't care or compare myself. This is me existing as I am right now. This is my recovery body. This is the house to my brain and heart and soul, which I talk about a lot because those things are more important to me than how I look.
Today at lunch person 1 got offended because person 2 said a friend of person 1 "had no eyebrows," which she does. He just meant they aren't prominent. Person one immediately gawked and said "ohmygod that's so rude." I want to know why it matters enough to be rude. I understand commenting on anyone's appearance has no place in the world, but if you're only worried about how you look and how other people perceive this, you're missing out on the point of life.
Once again, be more than a face and be more than a body.
Peanut butter stuffed banana bites 😍
These were the ones I made early today, and had✌🏼of them as evening snack :) my mom liked them too, so I think I will make them more often 😁

Currently having dinner, which is a whole wheat pastry, along with a cup of chocolate milk 🍫🍶 A few weeks ago I started to drink chocolate milk again, and slowly I'm beating that fear of "liquid calories are unnecessary", cause hell no! Liquid calories are super yummy as well 😋

Goodnight, friends, hope you all have had a nice day 💙
I am so doggone happy about FINALLY meeting the Stanley Cup, so I thought I’d share 😌Recover for moments like this, my friends. My anxiety really wanted to get the best of me and almost convinced me to leave before I got my turn with the Cup, but you know what, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so glad I pushed through and stayed. It was all worth it to meet this beauty 😍😍😍
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Maybe its because I'm stressed, but I'm having a hard time tonight. I started to feel super guilty once I realized that I was restricting myself so- now I'm eating but Ana wont shut up that it's too much and that it isn't """good""" stuff... 😥 { #edrecovery #recovery #anarecovery #miarecovery #fuckana #edfighter #edfam #edwarrior }
_kellyu 52m ago
Hiding is something I got so used to, but I know I deserve to live in the light, too. And I don't want to just have confidence in my outsides, I want to feel the same for my insides.
For years, I hid my struggle. I felt like I was supposed to. I was ashamed of the way I depended on food, the way I used it, and the way I treated my body when I was alone.
I honestly thought I was the only girl on the planet who struggled this way. I felt so alone that I began to believe that I deserved to be. I figured hiding this body would help me hide everything else.
But it is not wrong to be the way you are right now. And don't need to hide. Your struggling self deserves love, too, and needs it so desperately to survive and try to move forward.
So, the next time you feel like hiding, give yourself some time to reflect and understand why you want to. As we heal our inner struggles, we might slowly stop trying to 'fix' or hide what we perceive as outer 'flaws.' And we'll soon realize how much more we want to show up and shine✨
found these gorgeous old pens in my desk. If only I could get them to work!
Me and my dead plant would like to go to sleep now but I have more shit to do before I get to do that. Sigh.
If it feels like UTTER SHIT then (apparently) you're doing it right. Sugar-coated recovery is even worse (and that's not because of the 'sugar' content).
Carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds. October tradition!😋
If you don't know me since this account is pretty new, I made it to create more positivity around food. I think that by sharing things I love and hopefully joining a community of other people like me, I can help encourage others. I have struggled with food issues all my life and I can tell you the calories in anything. I've been recovered for a while although lately I've found myself struggling and starting the same obsessive habits over again. Let me tell you, I am an athlete and it SUCKS not having the energy to do what I love! On my bad days, I will have no appetite and just want to lay in bed all day! But when I focus on nourishment, I feel the power coming back and I feel strong! I am learning to love my body step by step, and part of loving it is listening to it. #edrecovery #nourishyourself #edfam
Cooked bfast for the family again today!! First try with Mee Goreng, hopefully they like it tho and it taste decent 😬 #ed #edfamily #edrecovery #edfam #recoverywin #recoveryisworthit #meegoreng #breakfast #food #foodie #asianeats #foodisfuel #fearfood
Things people have said to me:
"You're too fat to post half-naked pictures of yourself." No, you're too rude to be following my fucking account. Bye. ✌
"How do you have so many followers, when you're so ugly?" The only thing ugly here us your personality. Bye.✌
"You're embarrassing the entire family 'cause it's disgusting to see you like that." There's nothing disgusting about loving and embracing my body. Bye. ✌
"You're an attention whore." No, you're an asshole. Bye. ✌
"You're promoting obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle." Actually, I'm providing a safe space for women and men to work on loving themselves and overcoming their eating disorders and self hate. But keep bullying me and not any other fat babes. Bye. ✌
"You're fat, you've never had an eating disorder." FUN FACT: YOU CAN BE OVERWEIGHT AND SUFFER FROM AN EATING DISORDER. Bye. ✌
"No one wants to see your fat, flabby body." Well, I wanna see my fat, flabby, cellulite ridden body and that's enough empowerment for me. Bye. ✌
"Do us all a favor and kill yourself, pig." NAH, BRUH. I'm gonna keep spreading my light. Bye. ✌

Things I've said to myself:

You are beautiful.
You are a force.
You are worthy.
You are e n o u g h.
⭐We have enough anonymous haters on social media. Don't be an enemy to yourself. Love your body for all that it is. Practice self love and self care. Tell a bully to shut the fuck up. I delete hateful comments ALL THE TIME (even from some members of my family 😂). Ain't no one gonna get me down.⭐

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