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About last night... 👯🍸🍷 어젯밤. 이러고 놈. 🙈
Scrambled eggs n' chives on toasted sourdough.
I like cooking my eggs just slightly under done for that smooth, creamy texture.
Simple but hits the spot 👌
beergal 51w ago
yay! #bgnewhome is 1 day old! 🏡🎂

couldn't believe i'm so blessed to have picked the only sunny day between two typhoons to move. everything was quick and smooth thx to my lovely family.

i just ain't the best daughter, sister, aunt, in-law, friend or gf. i prefer an uninterrupted life, and get bored more in a crowd than alone. i'm purely lucky to have met so many people, be it family members or any type of friends, who have a heart of gold and are reliable.
beergal 113w ago
😍 finally 1st time meeting my #duyfam sibling - @eatwithtracy sorry for the rotten weather. ☔️
#Ssam with juicy pork belly & braised cutlass fish. 🐽🐟🍚🍴😋😋
Wanted to get a sandwich at ten in the morning. Of course the shop was not ready... Got a fresh loaf of #baguette, #Bucheron, cantaloupe, and prosciutto instead and created my own feast. 🍞🍴🍈 Fresh baguette and butter for breakfast?! It's gonna be a great day. I feel it already. 😆😜 Have a terrific Thursday y'all!! 😘💕
The ultimate #breakfast sammich with roasted chicken breast, avocado, sliced peppers, more than enough cheese, and of course my #sunnysideup. 🍳😏👌 Also made some fresh OJ! 🍊💦 Only one exam to go. ✌️😎 I will be celebratin hard tonight. 🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷🎶
Some of you asked if I set REAL LIVE fish in jello and ate them. I'll take it as a compliment 😌. Nothing in here is from animals, not even the jello. I used #agar, #vegan jello.
#nerikiri #kingyokukan #wagashi #錦玉羹 #和菓子 #koifish #jello #foodart #寒天
Bean sprout #bibimbap for #lunch today. 🍚🍴 Two final exams down and three more to go. Yay. Not. 😩😞😒😂😂
Taken a few weeks ago. The name took me all the way back.