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User Image beermonologue Posted: Feb 17, 2018 10:45 PM (UTC)

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User Image damndemn Posted: Feb 17, 2018 2:02 PM (UTC)

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Battle Ground, Saison/ Farmhouse Ale 5.1% Mantra Artisan Ales Franklin TN USA.

Looking back at a amazing bottleshare which started yesterday at the end of the afternoon and lastes till late last night.
Where the official start would be at 8 Monika, Jochem, Lianne and me already enjoyed some pre-bottleshare beers round the Thai food i prepared for dinner.
So our kick off was with this Back Ground Saison from Mantra.
The beer was brewed with orange peel and coriander.
The aroma is typical saison like, haye, stable, horse blanket with some orange notes.
The beer was quite light in color.
Flavors of grass, haye, citrus, orange, funk, followed by a bitter dry finish.
Ok beer as a starter.

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Photo location : Peeske Montferland Beek the Netherlands.
User Image damndemn Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:51 AM (UTC)

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Bourbon County Brand Stout 2017, Imperial Stout 14.1% Goose Island Beer Co Chicago IL USA.

I am not the biggest AB Inbev fan. Many times you will see me put the finger on the sour spot how i think about them. You don't see me buying their products. I try to avoid buying from brewries who sold their souls to them. No online shopping from or Saveur Biere for this guy....
But.. than i won this bottle here at Instagram from @haveabeer_blog
He announced me winning the bottle on december 31st which is also my birthday.
So there you go.. big AB Inbev hater wins what you can call their crown juwel.
Last night we had a great bottleshare so it was time to open the bottle and share it.
Drinking it felt a bit like sneaking into the castle and stealing the kings crown 😉
And hey i must admit.. no escape.. this beer is sure worth the hype that has been created round it for many years now.
I might even call it one of the best bourbon barrel-aged beers i have had (there you go i said it!)
Beautiful aroma, loads and loads of flavor going on, chocolate, coffee, red fruit, vanilla, raisins, wood, bourbon rolls to the back of the tongue, and all super well balanced, and although the bourbon is so played out and present it never gets to boozy, and that's a pretty damn fine job. And it's amazing how long the flavors last.
My thoughts about AB Inbev as a company won't change a bit, but Goose Island their BCBS sure is a great beer.
Once again thanx for the beer @haveabeer_blog 🍻
Enjoy your weekend.. Cheers!

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Photo location : National Park Veluwezoom Rheden the Netherlands.
User Image beerystagram Posted: Feb 16, 2018 7:54 PM (UTC)
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User Image damndemn Posted: Feb 16, 2018 1:39 PM (UTC)

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After Ski IPA, India Pale Ale 5.5% Sori Brewing Tallinn Estonia.

Last weekend i dropped a little bomb elsewhere by writing i am done with the whole NEIPA hype. Ipa styles that had turned into alcoholic fruit juices to please people who actualy don't like ipa's because they are booh booh cry cry.. to bitter.
Well f#ck that shit! I want a decent old school ipa with a killer of bitter and no pussy fruit juice bullsh€t.
So hoorrrraaayyy for Sori with their latest IPA release "After Ski IPA"
Yes it's still fruity with flavors of tropical fruit, grapefruit (missed that flavor for a while in a ipa) and citrus. But.. here we go as soon as we go towards the finish of this beer oh yes oh yes oh yes... a nice kick ass bitter. And what made me even more happy.. it's long lasting!
I was realy in the need of a ipa like this! Thanx Sori!
Oh.. and got a gluten alergic? No worries.. cause this ipa is gluten free!
Loving it!

#beertest #craftbeerporn #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beernerd #beersofintagram #craftbeer #beerstagram #beergeek #untappd #dutchbeergeeks #estoniancraftbeer #pivo #cervesaartesana #beersnob #ilovecraftbeer #bottleshare #afterskiipa #indiapaleale #sori

Photo location : National Park Veluwezoom Rheden the Netherlands.
User Image damndemn Posted: Feb 16, 2018 6:11 AM (UTC)
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Black Tundra, Russian Imperial Stout 12% Laugar Brewery Gordexola Vizcaya Spain.

Shared with Monika last wednesday night after returning from a little trip with her and our son Jari. Had a nice German dinner and this was our dessert after we arrived home.
A RIS to fall in love with.. and that on Valentino day, what's better than to share it with your ❤
I kind of already shared my thoughts about RIS.. cause Laugar did it again with this Black Tundra.
It's full bodied, dark as the night and got a thick mouthfeel.
The beer had aged on cedar wood chips.
The beer is very intense, full on liquorice with a salty note on the side, little smokey, coffee, chocolate and a hint of roast. But liquorice is peaking the most.
Loving beers like this from Laugar, they doing such a amazing job on their stouts!

#beertest #craftbeerporn #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beernerd #beersofintagram #craftbeer #beerstagram #beergeek #untappd #dutchbeergeeks #pivo #cervesaartesana #beersnob #ilovecraftbeer #bottleshare #blacktundra #laugar #spanishcraftbeer #russianimperialstout

Photo location : Bergherbos Montferland Beek the Netherlands.

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