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User Image narinaami Posted: Sep 20, 2017 2:55 PM (UTC)
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Do not say to yourself: "I can not" - whatever it is: recovery, work, exercise. Better say: "I do not want to." Saying "I can not", very much limits our own capabilities. And very often behind these words we hide not our own inability to do this, but only our own reluctance and self-doubt. If it seems to you that something is too much for you, try not to reflect too much on whether you can do it or not, but rather try without thinking and begin to do it. You will be surprised to find that you can actually very much - much more than you thought. So, do not say "I can not"! And you'll see that you can! By Saying "I can not", we establish a limit, a ceiling above which we can not rise. Human possibilities are almost limitless - do not limit yourself. Start to do without thinking "I can not", say "I can". Only then we can become stronger, as we expand our capabilities, explore new horizons for ourselves, which makes us believe in ourselves and treat ourselves with respect.🦋💙 #milano #milanocity #duomo
User Image shakalala357 Posted: Mar 18, 2018 7:45 PM (UTC)
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Not the typical turist picture!!!
I feel a little dizzy looking at the glorious #duomo this way, but it is like such a paradise❤️

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