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My class is on a trip to Berlin this week so I thought I might share some pictures of more or less decent quality 😂. Our place is more of a meh on my imaginary rating scale but it always can be worse 😂😂. I have to stay in a room for eight people though so it is kind of crowded when all of us are in there 😅. Anyways, have a nice day/night everyone ❤! #berlin #classtrip #sights #whatelsetotag #dunno #photography #whywouldyoutagthis
Jah bless music 🎶#DUNNO 🔥🔥🔥by #FroshTwins (#cool_Nigga )is out now it through this link on my bio👉
When my superfoods match my eyes... you know it’s gonna be a good day. 💚💚how do people make it through Monday without their glass of micronutrients, probiotics, protein, fiber, amino acids, and loads of vitamins to make them feel less stressed & more energetic??? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #dunno
Anyway... During my workout I kept thinking “T O D A Y is the day!” We can’t go back. If we want to have the REST of our life be the BEST of our life then we have to WORK for it! Do NOT waste one minute WISHING for something that’s gone. Be thankful you had it ...and then be PRESENT & GRATEFUL for what you have NOW.
I hurt my knee again (MCL tear) so it’s back to the re-building phase...but I’m not going to complain. I’m going to WORK now while I have the opportunity to MOVE.
Sooooo if you CAN move today, you SHOULD, right?! If you already did, give me 👊🏻
Gday mate. 🇬🇧🚀🇦🇺💘🌈 Arrived late last night. Everything is the same as it was 6 months ago, except now we seem to be labelling milk. So I found a marker pen and labelled some of my own.
Toby and Boxhead wanted to write one too, but as they don’t have opposable thumbs, this is proving tricky. I told them to just pee on a carton instead. Wait til Ash wakes up and finds out. 🤣😝🙀🐾🐶 #gay #flowers #yay #dunno #what #they #are #but #thanks #bab 🌈💐🌹 #lgbt #australia #madlove #vegan #instagood #breaksover 🍀