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#BetweenHeavenAndBenjamins 💸 and #GodDontLikeUgly 🙏🏾 available on all streaming platforms now 💯👌🏾(link in description)
Brainwashed lyrics 🎶 #BetweenHeavenAndBenjamins 🥀
Shot by @_rxzy_
Maybe I'm a statistic should've copped some more degrees
And kissed ass on a social ladder that done had me at my knees
That I'm just a rapper..
A typical nigga taking that route, now bow to master
Everybody chasing what I'm after, but man I'm righteous
Say people I'm speaking for are weak, absorbed
Caught in trends and money schemes which we conform
We perform on a large scale
Puppets confined to drugs, money and lies
That dopamine on our minds
Sign of the times
Play the game nigga, this shit is deeply embedded what you gonna change nigga?
"You better be a good slave" that's what they say nigga
All that conscious and knowledge don't get no play
Here's a ball and a chain, you entertained? Slaves
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The chilliest rappers with the least ego are always the most successful. Let your work talk. Be humble like this guy @dumbfoundead
회사를 "가늘고 길게" 다니고 싶다는데 무슨 말을 해야 할 지 몰랐다. 아직도 모르겠다. #dumbfoundead 😳
The only way I can lift heavy is to get angry. Thinking about all the hate and violence in the world does the job 😡

I haven't squatted in a while, so fuck me amirite?

•Narrow Squats 135lbs 2x8
•Wide Squats 225lbs 2x8
•Romanian Deadlifts 225lbs 2x8
•Adductors 3x15
•Isolated Leg Extensions 3x15
•Calf Presses on LP Machine 540lbs 4x15

🎵: History of Violence - @dumbfoundead ( Thank you for blessing this world with great music, brotha 🔥)

@bio.neil @stephen_jones314 Thanks for the support and motivation y'all 🔥
G2 - Bang (feat. Bago, Los & Dumbfoundead) [Official Video]
So I'm not really good at reviews in general, but much less for this type of music BUT I really love this. Not sure why since it's so different than my normal music, but the chorus got stuck in my head the first time I heard it, and the lyrics are pretty easy to follow with because 3/4s of it is in English
Ish was lit and I was surprised that it was made this year.
Also G2 made his debut this year. .
They tell me change my ways
The devil told me I should stay
Don't listen anyways
I silence him out with a bang .
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@dumbfoundead @bagojade @losmoonwalker @g2slife
#dumbfoundead #mural #ktown #la Glad to be able to see one of my favorite rappers mural in LA this weekend. Thanks @brickyard_z for taking me!
TA NEWS: @buzzfeed posts an insightful piece on Asian Americans in the global music industry and the music market in Asia feat @fareastmovement @yultron and @transparentfeed , a great read shining a light on what's next 💯🌐
Going through my photos, I came across this one, I looked at the date of when it was taken and I can't believe it's been a year since I last saw you Poppy Gary, we really do need to catch up! We say it all the time on the phone but to actually realize how quickly time goes by is dumbfounding!
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