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{Promise you don't have to post bikini pics to be a part of my VIP group✨starting Monday😂 but you WILL get a chance to win a badass prize by the end of the week😻JS}
Soo I was taking my progress pics yesterday... & I coughed 😂😂🙊
#BodyGoals: Look like I do when I'm coughing, minus the face🤣 omg JK✋🏼but me & Jimmy laughed too hard at this NOT to share + here's a lil #headsup that I'll be tracking my Booty Challenge🍑 progress in my bikini 👙🙈 {sorry in advance to those who don't like that, just keep scrollin 👋🏼}
It's definitely uncomfortable in the first place (so 🚫#negativenancys please🙅🏼) but damnn posting something like this👆🏼👙 keeps me SO accountable to my goals🍑👊🏼
Need that extra accountability? Text a pic like this to a friend that you trust or me 💁🏼#duh & check in with them weekly💥
Week 1 ✔️, halfway through Week 2 & I think it's workinggg🔥😁
Wanna start on ʏᴏᴜʀ goals with me on Monday? Doesn't matter if they're different, whatever your goals are, I got you - Link in my bio.🤗 Fill it out & I'll text you tonight❤️👯
I've been sharin my 2 cents on the 3 day cleanse I'm doing alllll ova my IG stories 🙆🏼. Send me a 🎃 if you literally can't even wait to try it💁🏼. I mean.... #halloweencostume #duh 👻 oh and here's my healthy DIY lazy gal dinner👸🏼
When you work in a vintage clothing store.. this pretty much sums it up 😂😍
Looooove iiiiiiiiit😍🎸👞👚👘👢
Always a fun day🎶📸🔮👱‍♀️💋
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pepluv 1h ago
Come thru my nila’s & catch me if you can! Food, drank, art, music by @krazykidsradio & moi! What else you need in yo life but a lil pep[luv] in yo step?! #duh 🇵🇭🙆🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️💅🏾
If you don't take snap filter pics with your bestfriend are they actually even your bestfriend ? Missing this face @ashleysalas17 #wcw #duh #latergram

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