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For most people it’s not that they hate tattoos.  They simply dislike their existing art. Until recently, they were stuck with 2 choices, cover the tattoo with something bigger and darker or remove it entirely.  Now you have another option: Ink Reduction – Using a laser to lighten or edit an existing tattoo. 💥 Ink reduction by @allenfalkner for cover-up by @drubias
#fadefast #tattooremoval #laserremoval #inkreduction #tattoos #tattoocoverup #drubias #deepellum
My new tattoo! By @drubias at @sandstattoo (Saints and Sinners in Carrollton, Tx) ✨👍 Omg I can't believe how great this is.. It's a cover up of a bad/old tattoo I have been lasering off. I'm so stoked to have Luna now! ✨😃💖
Medusa head on like I'm 'lumanati. #drubias needs color doe. @drubias
I had the privilege of being tattooed by the talented @DruBias at Saints and Sinners in Carrollton, TX yesterday. He's giving my 8 year old sleeve a major upgrade. Few more sessions still, but I am already in love. Thanks Dru!