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Snack time does NOT get better than this ☝🏻. . . My new ‘cookie 🍪 sandwich ‘ obsession 🤤you’ll be surprised what’s in it! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
@shortmountaincultures coconut kefir & my homemade Elderberry syrup mixed with frozen wild blueberries in between 2 of our favorite @minimalistbaker ‘s Blueberry breakfast cookies 🙊 (gluten-free & vegan, no refined sugar!) gut health, milk production & vitamin C boost 💁🏼Can everyday be a #cookiesandwich day?!

BBQ Bacon Lovers: BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, cheese, mayonnaise and a thicker Angus beef patty

Spicy Chorizo & Chicken: Crispy chicken breast, spicy chorizo, tasty cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli and chilli jam

Spicy Chorizo & Egg Brekkie Roll: spicy chorizo, fried egg, tasty cheese, onion, tomato, baby spinach, tomato chilli jam

Have you tried these yet? Let us know your thoughts below!
When you can't stop thinking about it..... makes your mouth water right??
cookie dough in a cone🍪😍
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