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Two Alex's 😮 My favourite WOWP account is @bestofbothwizards. Their edits are so cool and they even gave me tips on apps that filter and lighten my edits which I use for every edit I make now! I just wish they were more active 😭 #accountgoals
PS I don't know who the real Alex is either. Which one was the real one?!
Today is 10 YEARS of Wizards Of Waverly Place! I loved this show so much growing up. The cast are amazing and Selena is a beautiful inspiration. I'm going to do a row for WOWP in honour of its 10th anniversary. ❤️️
Tiffany is the best 🙌🏼! Tawni as prom queen. ❤️️👸🏼 [➡️swipe!] SHE LIKED!
Sonny With A Chance <> Part 1<>
The only reason I didn't post this when I finished it up was because I don't know the episode
Who's your Chaddy?
Congrats to our absolute queen on her wedding a couple of days ago! She looked beyond beautiful and I couldn't be happier for her. She's kind, and loving, and sweet, and funny and it made me so sad to see and hear everything she has been through! I'm glad she has shared her journey with us all and inspired us to this day. Congrats queen Tiffany, enjoy your special moment. I love you so much! 👸🏼❤️️ @tiffthornton @jotheshow
Photo & video credit: @la.devotea
I wanted to give a huge congrats to the beautiful @tiffthornton on her wedding yesterday. After everything you've been through, you deserve nothing but happiness, Tiff ❤ Your words and honesty on your posts are an inspiration to many. I hope you had the best day yesterday, although we were also hoping to see the cast there too 😜 Love you so much Tiffany 😘
ye so I realised I changed my font half way through this theme oops lol.
&& its October so here's a Halloween Special for youuu. idk why but I'm so hyped for Halloween this year n I never have before why
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Video edit created by myself! October 2nd! Song: Demi Lovato - What To Do.
Tag Sterling and Demi please. ❤️️
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Guys! It's October 2nd! The day Sonny decided to give Chad a second chance! Happy 7th Channy Reunion Anniversary! 😂 I will be posting a Channy video about this episode later.
Happy birthday @dugyfresh! I wish your day is full with lots of love and happiness and I hope you have loads of fun! Thank you for making us all laugh and smile, and for sharing your talent with the world. Happy birthday Doug! Love you loads! 💖