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"It comes and goes in waves, and it carries us away through the wind, down to the place we used to lay when we were kids." #doubleexposure #photoshop #nikon
Writing is photography with words. Photography is writing without them.
The technique used in this photograph is called double exposure; embedding two photographs in one frame.
I wanted this portrait for one reason, I saw the person who knew who he was, where he comes from and where he is going; get elevated from my flesh as if it was a tale that none of us can be sure of but we often say it anyway that when we die our bodies remain but our spirit jump out our bodies.

I have a thing now where I always take a portrait of self annually for my Birthday. This year was the first year after three years of the tradition to have a theme/story in to the portrait. Hopefully it doesn’t get harder with the years. The past year’s lesson was loss. When I was younger I was all about F*** everyone I’m a conscious guy I have my mind and it’s enough that’s all I’ll ever need, I was wrong. I saw people i’ve come to be very close to I and also shared gang time and moments with, leave. I finally understood what it meant “to mourn a person that is still alive.” we all know that people come and go but when certain people go you like hey, you where are you going? hey and you ? cumon not you too, I thought they would all leave but you’ll stay, why are you also leaving? I lost myself I realised how important it was to have people in your life, I turned to the bottle of whatever and that beverage became my companion. It was all I had. I was depressed and anxious. mental health is a real thing…I’ve learnt my lesson and beg the most high to not test me again on the same lesson. Let this year bring another challenging lesson that can make me a better man but most importantly slap me with humility and remind me that I don’t know anything - life is a marathon not a sprint.
Happy Bornday Nhlanhla Jovial Phillips! Enjoy the first day of your new year and let he who gave you life lead you and guide you on the year ahead. Broken as you are, I love you Nhlanhla Jovial Phillips.
Thanks Itumeleng Tumza English for the great picture of how I saw myself this past year.
#happybirthdaytome #happy #photography #doubleexposure #art #photooftheday

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