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Throwback to my first comp this year where I won both the men and junior physique category! -
This comp meant a lot to me as I envisioned the outcome everyday, reviewing it over and over again in my head. Having friends that came from far and even from a different country to show support was humbling! I felt I had to make them proud. @mannyaina @its_yo_boy_gabu -Now that I am approaching my last comp of the season, it's easy to take the foot off the gas, become complacent and let it all get your head! But I haven't fully achieved the goals I've set for myself this year yet and until that we still working!
#AndStill #DoubleChampion #TessaIsForever
Still on a rush from last night. The fans are such a huge part of what we do & @wrestlecircus fans are out of this world. With that said, who do you guys want to see me face Nov 18?
This one goes out to the guys @bodycareplusipswich for helping me stay injury free while I batter myself in the gym and do crazy shtuff!
Lads and gals get yourselves some deep tissue massage every so often to ensure you recover efficiently and prevent injuries. Injuries are not ideal!!
Well what a season, no two seasons in fact. I am the Castle Combe Saloon Car double champion for 2016 and 2017. Finished every race for two years. Car was amazing, finishing first in class nearly every race and often 1st overall too. Even have the fastest ever overall race lap record. Last race was the best of the bunch too, flat out the whole time despite only needing to finish or get 1 point. Can it get any better..........let's see in 2018! (In car video to follow on YouTube soon) #norrisdesigns #norrisdesign #reliability #champion #doublechampion #castlecombe #castlecombesaloons #castlecombecircuit #castlecomberacecircuit

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