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We hit 400!😍So I wanted celebrate! Comment down below (Or DM me) any comic ideas you have that you want me to draw, and I’ll pick 3, draw them, and post them when we hit 500😊✨DONT BE SHY❤️ (I’ll credit you for the idea! // #inktober day 22)
So this is a spread I created for the upcoming exams ✨
I've split my exams according to which faculty they belong to, and created a block for the date and day the exam is written on. To the right I'm filling in important info like how the exam is structured, what the scope is, how long it is and how many marks the paper is out of. Little details like this help me feel more mentally prepared whenever I have to tackle a paper, so it's been great filling in these small details as I find them 🌸
I drew this at an angle and I liked it in that angle but when i looked at it i was like ew lol but anyways have a Milo doodle :0 I really like this show and I cant wait for the Phineas and Ferb crossover

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