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Red Velvet Donut. Pros: Moist creamy cortex. Cons: Taste like red dye dough. Little dry outside. DonutsMD score: 3/5. #donuts #dessert #redvelvet #sweets #food #donutshop #donutguy #donutgains #donutsmd
Awesome video #Repost @amandalatona (@get_repost)
Some Monday's just need EXTRA motivation 🤣...
Today was one of those days.
Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you're super motivated. Who feels me? 🙋🏻 Sometimes you gotta think outside the box for motivation, or shall I say think what's inside the box, and in this case... it's donuts.
Hey, we all have different motivations. 💪🏼🍩 On a side note, the more we do in life, the busier life gets, the more stress can come at us or weigh us down, and I think it's super important to take time to laugh. I definitely don't take myself too seriously. Have fun, even with your training. Smile more. Laugh more. Compliment more and be thankful more. Happy Monday friends. I hope this makes someone smile or laugh because man, it's easy to get down on ourselves in the world these days. We gotta lift each other up. And one last thing .. I love how the box says ' You deserve a Donut' 😂😂 Heck yea I do!
Shout out to @momosdonuts For dem donut gainz. 🍩
#doitforthedonuts #donutgains
Day 9: DONUT BAR LV. 💙🍩 F I N A L L Y 🍩💙 •• big poppa tart, nutella overload, birthday cake. #BestDonutsInTheWorld #DonutBar
We have plenty of yummy donuts to satisfy you on this fine, fall tuesday🍩 & come try our special holiday pumpkin flavored donuts! #donutgains #fallflavors #ricksbakery
Shout out to the ones that aren’t going to sit around and wait for things to just magically change & improve on their own!
Sometimes you have to be your own hero, participate in your own rescue!! I tell people all the time, I can show you the way, but I can’t make you take the action. You have to want it bad enough to at least reach out and ask for help and be willing to take action w that help🙌🏽🙌🏽
It’s transformation Tuesday and I’m HYPE to show you a few people who are kicking butt on their journey!!! Creating their own plot twists!!
Train heavy because that's how you get to eat donuts 🍩without it affecting your physique 💁🏽‍♂️lol . I train extra hard to eat whatever I want 💪🏽and I still see results 🤗. #aesthetic #physique #mensphysique #donutgains #ufcgym #santaana #empirebar #shoulderday #boulders #shredded #tbt #gymshark #gymrat #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #transformationtuesday #motivated #dedicated #inspired #passion #teamempire #empire
My last set of 6x6 at 225 for the day... it's starting to move really easy so I can't wait to see the 300 benchmark!! #donutgains #familyfitness #powerlifting
I typically don't #SBD on Mondays but my schedule was way off last week so I had to fit it in somewhere! Totally PRed on all 3 lifts today! #motivationmonday 🙏🏼 Huge thank you to @drmcelderry for working out and motivating me today too! 💪🏼
Squats 180lbs 4x3 (depth wasn't where I wanted it to be but hey... slow and steady progress)
Bench 90lbs 4x3
Deads: 210lbs 4x3 AMRAP 4
All the treats in Chicago helped! #pizzagains #donutgains
Donuts are kind of my love language 🍩❤️⭐️ Comment below ⬇️ to share your favorite place to grab one of these majestic, hole-centered pastries ✏️ #gottacatchemall
How do you celebrate 100 floors climbed in your hike? Donuts, obviously. #sorrynotsorry but I am a dessert person and this raspberry sprinkle vegan donut from @revolutiondoughnuts gave me life! Especially since I was pretty much dead yesterday recovering from that hike 💀.
Long story short- life is about balance. Enjoy your vacations, explore and be an active participant in your life, and eat the damn doughnut 😘.
#mondaymotivation #mondaymood #donut #donuts #donutgains #dessertlover #donutlover #donutgirl #sprinkles #obligatoryspranks #revolutiondoughnuts #donut #doughnuts #atlanta #atl #exploreatlanta #atlantabeltline
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