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Bippity boppity BOO! Bye bye Casper! Hello gorgeous #Knockoutbodytan! ☀💨👻 Checkbout this before & after shot! My favorite way to show peeps how it looks ON! Now that we are #Instagram we are giving away SPOOKTACULAR prizes for the first 20 followers! #spraytan #Dallas #dontlooklikealeatherbag #getouttabeds #healthy #sexy #toneitorTANit ☀💨👙 😉
This is our signature tan-can and body moisturizer! Using either one helps prolong your bronze look between sessions. Also great for traveling too! Many clients use the tan-can for touch ups or for just the face! I apply to my hands rub in my palms first then gently rub on my face till it's all blended. Sometimes adding a pea-size amount of face lotion helps spread it more fluidly and evenly. This product will be on our web site for sale as soon as GoDaddy gets there butts in gear!! Hmmm maybe they need a tan to spark some motivation? #spraytan #dontlooklikealeatherbag #dallas #tanaholic #bronze #wedontdoorange ☀💨👙 💢👊💢
Knockout Body Spray Tan Sighting! I just tanned a gorgeous mom who is still nursing but is headed to Galveston for the weekend! She wanted to be bronzed before being on the beach! Breast feeding moms can get a spray tan too!
Go to to search for the safest & most effective sunscreens as well as check the one you already purchased. I think you'll be surprised! #sunscreen #UVA #UVB #skincancer #melanoma #antiaging #dontlooklikealeatherbag
Even on cloudy days you can still get a sunburn. UVA (Aging) & UVB (Burning) rays go right thru clouds. So slather on your #broadspectrum #sunscreen Check out the #EWG Annual list of great sunscreens & not so great ones. Those convenient spray ones ate the worst! You can type in the brand you use & see how it rates. #skincancer #antiaging #dontlooklikealeatherbag