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Still don't have the #IGresearch #researchpod #podcast in your #iTunes library? Srsly?! All u need to do is tap the link on top of my IG profile, and wait for the enormous iTunes logo.... Hours and hours of great music, selected with care, mixed with love, served with style, straight from my phone to yours, free every weekend, in 2 clicks. I can't make it much easier than that. But hurry: this is the last week you'll find all 4 (5) parts of JD BiRCH's epic "LIVING THE DREAM"! We only keep the 8 most recent episodes in the iTunes Store (although the archive stays on - so if you still didn't treat your iTunes library to the full LIVING THE DREAM experience, this week is the time to do it... #dontlookatthemachine #bypassthemainframe #thanksfortheinvite #itsallivegot