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While taking pictures to show off my new @breakpointfc top, I was taken aback. I was feeling fluffy today, but I realized even when I'm feeling fluffy, I'm still smaller than I was a year ago. The scale says I'm up about five pounds, which is a lot when you're only 5'2", but my #bjj #bff said she thought I was looking slimmer, and that it must be muscle. I thought she was being sweet, but looking at the pictures I took today, I think I agree with her ❤️
Living in the age of social media gives people easy access to your life. People just add you at random, be it on Instagram or Facebook.•

If it's an old friend/acquaintance, you may find yourself questioning how they will fit into your life now or what role they may take up.•

Here are some things to consider before you accept that friendship request.
Link is in my bio xx
#womenempowerment #girlfriends #blackwomen #dontcallitacomeback #friendship
Got the all clear from my doc to do whatever i want. Still taking it slow since i lost a lot of strength.
Thank goodness for baby 45min naps. Was able to sneak in a quick workout.
Warm up
200m row
10/10 leg swings
10 AS

Hip strengthen from @apex_sports_med
And pelvic floor movements

5 DL
5/5 Single leg good morning
12 hanging knee raises

200m row repeats
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Not lifting for two weeks, and I surprised the crap out of myself with hitting 105# for 4 reps for this snatch complex. And it surprisingly felt light. And I had the best little workout partner today. Future soccer star in training! lol it's nice to be reminded why I do this. Look at my little Alma go on those back extensions!! 😳 #usaw #olylifting #olympiclifting #snatchcomplex #deadinsideperformance #teamdeadinside #armyofthedead #dontcallitacomeback #mindright #headdowneyesforward #hookgrip #myminiliftingpartner @the_night_queen_lives
My first day back went a lot better than I thought. Found out my legs are still strong enough to crush the souls of a thousand men 😂😂 and did all my ab workouts without too much exhaustion. My running time however was extremely disappointing. I have to get my endurance back up 😔 good thing I have the gym in my building now 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #dontcallitacomeback

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