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User Image federicodangelo88 Posted: Oct 24, 2017 7:21 AM
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In fondo la mia vita è la storia dei tentativi che ho fatto tenendo i piedi per terra senza mai smettere di alzare gli occhi al cielo senza perderne la dignità. È un abito che non tutti sanno indossare: la dignità.
#sipuò #sipuocambiare #dieta #dimagrire #relax #benessere #essereforti #me #details #life #vita #actor #attore #dontjudgeme #possibilità #instagood #instalike
User Image and33_b323 Posted: Oct 24, 2017 6:58 AM
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I put this off way too long! Finally got myself motivated to go to the gym and did my exercise! It's about freakn time! 😂 #dontjudgeme #ididitthough💪
User Image willifmoore Posted: Oct 24, 2017 6:40 AM
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Just a gentle reminder... Quick question; so if you were to use popular social construction of male and female identity, what percentage will you say you fall under in a trait ratio? I for example will score myself 65:35. My love for flowers, bangles, and my secret wish to wear nail polish one day has to count for something. Then there is the fact that I consider drinking beer a social chore and can never tell you when even my beloved Arsenal is playing or where they are on the table 🙈, I don't play FIFA video games, And lastly, my favorite colors are yellow, pink and white (I claimed blue for the longest time just to fit in) #dontjudgeme

Please come down to @revolvingartincubator in Silverbird this Sunday. We will be talking about sexuality too (fellow perverts, this is the chance to share that feet fetish in public). You don't want to miss that. And oh, this edition is in collaboration with the @lagos_biennial famous for all this artsy and awesome #dontbeleftbehind 😋👄(P.S I suppose now is as good a time to admit I used to pretend to play dress up in my mother's room....but but...I was like 5, maybe 8 👀) Again 65:35 chai, I need to get some man points, who has something heavy I can lift 🏋🏾
Cmon Mom I'm trying to sleep here! 😒 and YES I have a pillow of myself on my bed. #dontjudgeme #ilovemyself
🌈 La vie est merveilleuse et parfaite 🌈 En te donnant le droit de faire aux autres ce que tu crains de vivre au point de t'avoir créé un ou des masques pour te protéger il te sera beaucoup plus facile de donner le droit aux autres d'agir de la sorte et de parfois avoir des comportements qui viennent réveiller tes blessures 🌈 #cool #behappy #dontjudgeme #dontworry #lecture #bouquiner #therapie #lisebourbeau #blessure #spiritual #life #instagood #soimeme #livre
User Image refika_edward Posted: Oct 24, 2017 6:29 AM
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Jangan menilai orang hanya dari luar,meskipun terlihat nakal,tapi pekerjaan ku halal

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