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User Image Posted: Nov 24, 2017 7:20 PM (UTC)
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Although I’m getting quite a workout shopping today, I went to the gym this morning to try to get these baby shoulders to grow! Eeek!! 🤗☺️😩 I really like this exercise on the cables. I did a superset of this (4 sets of 12) with 60-second plank.

Tank: @nike
Pants: @lululemon
Workout gloves: @nikesportswear
Headphones: @plantronics ❤️🤗❤️
User Image a104l9 Posted: Nov 24, 2017 1:05 PM (UTC)
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a104l9 15h ago
<<Day 2 of The Starbucks Story Project: Write a novel one coffee at a time on my phone. These will be done quickly and with little editing, so please forgive typos. I'll get to them eventually. >> The beeping of the clock finally nudged him awake. He reached to hit the snooze bar only to realize he was in a dream halfway through the motion. He hadn't had an actual alarm clock for years and had been using his cell phone as the rest of the world did. For the last year, the alarm had always been the same: that sappy song he had ridiculed along with his friends in college, but it was her favorite song. She told him it was the song that reminded her of what he was to her and what she wanted to be to him.
He still thought it was sappy. True though, so he had installed it the night she had told him. The next morning, he smiled as the overwrought voice called to him from the tiny speaker, and smiled every morning since.
Now, his eyes opened as his arm dropped back to the bed. The beeping didn’t stop though. The ceiling came into focus slowly. The light was dim, but he could see unfamiliar shapes emerging. He blinked and the outline of fluorescent fixtures became clear. He turned his head and saw a sink with a red box attached to the wall beside it. To the left, there was a set of chairs in front of a narrow window. It was night, but the electric glow of parking lot lights blocked his sense of the darkness of the sky.

#starbucks #starbucksstoryproject #doingthis #writethatbook #inspired
User Image Posted: Nov 24, 2017 2:16 AM (UTC)
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Ready to step up my fitness journey. Passes bought. Yay! #fitness #fitlife #fitfam #commitment #doingthis #weightlossjourney
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to LIVE THEM.” - John F. Kennedy
I’m so grateful for the uplifting people in my life, the opportunities that I have, and a loving God for the blessings that He has given to me!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!! ❤️🤗❤️
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 23, 2017 8:03 PM (UTC)
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User Image waxycassey Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:27 PM (UTC)
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Happy Thanksgiving! Ya'll, I am so proud of who I am becoming. Those who have been around for a while and have seen me "try" over and over again... I think I am really there. If I stop sharing, posting... please tell me to get over myself. I have not been this committed in 5 years. It feels so good. I want to see this through to the end. Thank you for letting me overshare this part of my life with you here on IG. #70lbsorbust #ladyboss #5weekscommitted #thankyou #doingthis #gonnabefit
User Image anastasiawallace12 Posted: Nov 23, 2017 2:46 PM (UTC)
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Thanksgiving turkey trot in Delaware! Mom's first 5k! I'm so proud and so happy I got to share the cold morning with her....and see the wisp of @bobbsbags as he passed us! @tammyp27 #runningformylife #sweaty #butstillfancy #plussizeathlete #allsmiles #doingthis #chasingtheshiney
User Image polkadot_kezzi_sw Posted: Nov 23, 2017 2:08 PM (UTC)
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Breakfast: hexa & hexb oat so simple porridge with semi skimmed milk strawberry jam (1syn) peanut butter (2syns)
#breakfast #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld #losingweight #me #doingthis #onplan #myslimmingworldjourney
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 23, 2017 1:03 PM (UTC)
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Lunchtime 😁 pasta with Tuna and sweet corn and 2 tbsp of Tesco healthy Living mayo 1 Syn 😋 #Slimmingworlduk #lunchtime #stayingfocussed #ExtraEasy #doingthis #weightlossjourney
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 23, 2017 7:57 AM (UTC)
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Breakfast time again 😁 2 wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEX B) 2 SW sausages and poached egg 😋 #Slimmingworlduk #Thursday #stayingfocussed #doingthis #bringiton #weightlossjourney #20lbdown 💪👊😀
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 7:54 PM (UTC)
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User Image cherielovestea Posted: Nov 22, 2017 7:00 PM (UTC)
4 X-Pro II
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 12:56 PM (UTC)
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Lunch time 😁Jacket potatoes fat free cottage cheese beetroot and Ham 😋 #Slimmingworlduk #stayingfocussed #doingthis #bringiton #weightlossjourney
User Image sarahward4 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 7:39 AM (UTC)
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Starting the week as I mean to go on Breakfast: 2 wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEX B) baked beans and poached egg #Slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldjourney #stayingfocussed #doingthis #bringmoreweightlosson #4weighinsuntilchristmas #20lbdown 😁👍👊💪