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Ready or not, here come the Aussies 💪🏼 thank you everyone for their well wishes 🙏🏼💕✈️
Finished my last training session for my prep. The photo was taken after @veron2307 left the studio 😭 I can not thank the @bodyseek studio enough 🙏🏼 blood, sweat and tears and one bloody hard prep with so many road blocks and health hiccups but we made it. Now to pack and get ready for the flight tomorrow morning 🙌🏼✈️
I am so blessed to work with such an amazing company 🙏🏼 I was surprised with a presentation and a beautiful speech. I was absolutely blown away with my work sponsoring me and all my competitions, I am forever grateful 🙌🏼
It's what's on in my humble abode 🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🔥👍🏼🤗💪#13 Hours
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i don’t know if u can take it
ac/rm:meraxki (vv talanted go follow him)
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this took me way longer than it should have😪
repost cuz it flopped
Currently watching Mom while eating caramel and completely ignoring the fact that I have probably 6 overdue projects
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A little trick for anyone interested 🙈
When I competed interstate and internationally last year, I stayed in hotels and family's homes so I didn't want to get comp tan on any of the bedding and wanted to make sure I had a good nights sleep knowing I'm not going to get tan anywhere.
What do I do? I go to Kmart and buy the cheapest fitted sheet which is usually around $10 and remove the elastic to make it a flexible cocoon. Why fitted? The corners are rounded which I use for my hands and feet to sleep comfortably knowing the sheet won't slip off of me during the night
Just a silly trick I use to make sure my sleep is guilt free and not me being paranoid about the Vegemite tan 🙈 I am packing this one for the Philippines ✈️
Chucked on my heels for a bit of posing practice. Tonight was my second last upper body session, as I fly out THIS THURSDAY MORNING. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I am so excited I can't wait to meet everyone in the Philippines for an amazing show 🙏🏼