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Milo here came to our puppy school last year, and this week we checked back in for a little top up.
Milo has learnt to bark at one of his family members if he wants something, he’ll bark for food, to be let outside and for strokes.
We went through why he’s doing it, because he finds it rewarding!! And then how to overcome this!! Ignoring him will only cause frustration and punishing him will cause fear and confusion. So we went through how to time the reward so that we are consistently rewarding calm and patient behaviours instead of pushy ones.
Hi! I'm Wyatt! I'm an 8 month old lab mix with a BIG heart ❤️ and bundles of energy! I’m a part of the Paws for Life Program at California State Prison LAC, training to be CGC certified! 🐾

My handlers tell me that I'm always engaged in my environment and learn at breakneck speed, absorbing everything with my fine array of senses. But, I still manage to easily settle for lots of lovin! I can't wait to find my FURever Family!

If you want to meet me, contact:
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#Pupdate! 🐶

Diamond, one of our Paws For Life pups, is doing great in her new FURever home! They are so happy to have her as part of the family!
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Esses últimos dias foram bem corridos, mas é uma ótima oportunidade de participar de eventos e compartilhar todos os nossos conhecimentos e o mais importante de tudo, o nosso amor pelos animais ❤️🐶🐱🐎

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The dogs go BANANAS over moose meat. Like ape shit little monkeys with no brains at all.

Seriously the only food that make a them crazy.

So we did a very slow lots of posing mealtime tonight.

#playingwithfood #preymodelraw
Ever wonder why your dog gets so excited when you say the word 'walk.' 🐕
Find out why by tapping my profile link ☝️

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