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Fridays are for furry friends! P.S. My job is better than your job. #dogsofR29
My birthday wishes are for this baby angel to get adopted and to own a Chanel Bag. To grant birthday wish number 1, contact @animalleague To grant birthday wish number 2, contact select @chanelofficial boutiques worldwide. #dogsofR29
Schnauzer smuggling skills at work in our technically-not-dog-friendly building. Toteable little gal, isn't she? #dogsofr29
How can anyone be expected to get work done when this is happening on their lap? #dogsofr29 #bringyourellytoworkday
Wow @gabriellekorn , that Kimberly is such a micromanager - literally looking over your shoulder while you work, huh? #dogsofr29 #bringyourkimberlytoworkday