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It's just me and the big guy working today, although I'm not too sure if he's actually working... #workingdog #blackshepherd #adoptme @twodogfarms
This is a picture of me with my mom and dad! I have so much fun with my puppy parents. My mom is my favorite to cuddle and play fetch with. My dad is really fun to wrestle with. They take me to the dog park a lot and I get to make lots of new friends! My mom and dad just got married and that made me the happiest puppy in the world! I love my family!
SAVE THE DOGGY DATE! This Friday @bluecollarworkingdog is at it again with all the puppy love you could imagine. Bring your pup (in costume perhaps?😜) to Blue Collar at 7p and join the pack walk at the lake! 🐶🐾🎃🐶🐾👻🐶🐾 #joinusbythelake #dogsoflosangeles
A little off topic but something that affects my community and yours. My foster dog met a handsome husky boy in the waiting room at the vet. In another world, they may have had puppies but in our world they are both getting spayed/neutered. There are 300-500 purebred huskies that go through the Southern California shelter system every month. Skylie was hours from being a kill shelter statistic. Please promote spay/neuter, offer to foster a dog and please adopt, don't shop! ❤️
Whether you’re going for spooky or cute this year make sure you come into one of locations and enter our raffle from October 26th-31st. One winner per location will receive an extra special treat.. a $50 JFFD gift card!

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