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I'd like to think that the day God made dogs, he just sat and smiled. #doggo #poser
Today...I said goodbye to my best friend. My pal. My childhood pup. My show dog. Rusty lived an incredibly great life, he loved so many things toys, playing, rides in the car, tugging, chewing on bones, running agility. One thing was for sure, he was loyal, just like any dog. I love you Rusty and I'll miss you buddy but I know you are no longer in pain, can finally hear and see again are up there over the rainbow bridge playing with miss Koinu. ❤️ Love you Doodle. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #dogsarethebest #dogsarelife #ilovedogs #minatureschnauzer #rainbowbridge #showdog
In case you missed this on IG stories, look at how awesome Eugene is with his new foster brother @charliethesupportivedog
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GEORGE ❤️ @the_spud_life #ServiceDog #Aloha

👱🏼‍♀️: Service dogs need to have laser focus on their handler, like George is here. He's looking up at me and not at the distractions (kids, food, adults making kissy noises, ect) in the isle. We teach our dogs not to be distracted in high distraction places so they can focus on their handler in case their person has an emergency. Service dogs are always working even if they don't look like it, so if you ever see one out it's important that you don't distract them! ✌🏽

👱🏼‍♀️: it's important for service dogs know how to heel at their handler's side, no matter if they are going forward, side to side, or backwards. George strongly dislikes backing up, like many (stubborn) dogs, so we use the car to in force the desired behavior. Soon he will be able to do this without the use of the cart.🙌🏽 I suggest to all of my clients, with stubborn dogs, to use a 🛒 and go backwards using an isle (and tons of treats) to get this backwards heel mastered. I like to use a backwards waving motion with my hand as well.💗
Note: by law, service dogs are not required to use a leash if it interferes with their tasks. 🌺
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Perfect weather for a walk in my favorite city with my favorite guy! 😘🐶🌲🏞 #lovemydog #rva #dog #dogsofig #river #city

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