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User Image zev_and_akilla_ Posted: Feb 17, 2018 7:56 PM (UTC)

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Saturday mornings with daddy 💤☀️
It’s a snuggling with your best friend kinda #saturday ...
🐶- Lulu 💕💛💖💛💕
#littlelsnyc #snuggle #cuddle #weekend
User Image teddy.thecorgi_ Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:04 PM (UTC)

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Help me, help me, I’m being attacked!!! 🆘
User Image thespottyspaniels Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:04 PM (UTC)

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I was a good boy and walked nicely for my gait analysis today, now we just have to wait for the results 🤞🏼
Biothane collars from @dappermaximusdesigns use SPOTTY10 for 10% off 💜
I just want to be real and honest with you. Many treats were harmed in the making of this photo. Also, mom’s got me hopping on the @quayaustralia train 😎 big fan. Huge. #ludacris #jeansyfbaby #pleasesaythebaby #desixquay #highkey #quayaustralia #quayxdesi
User Image hueypuppy Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:03 PM (UTC)
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When Dad goes to the games, I still keep tradition of watching the @loyolamlax hounds goin! 🐺🐺🐺 What a W, go Hounds! @loyolamaryland #saturday #lax #uslacrosse #weekend

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