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Poor baby Resin. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😅
The Finnish Hound! These dogs are awesome! These dogs originated from Finland and go by a couple different names like: Suomenajokoira and Finnish Bracke. These Hound dogs are apart of the scent Hound group, they are purebred medium sized hounds that stand 20-24 inches tall, weigh 45-55 pounds, and live to be 10-12 years old. These dogs are strongly built, muscular dogs that are not heavy even though they are buff. They have short flat coats that come in one color which is a tricolor or browns, blacks, and whites. They may also have other colors on them like reddish browns or maybe even a tannish white color. Both male and female sexes have distinct characteristics. These dogs are friendly, gentle, and timid, they are rarely ever aggressive, only towards predators. These dogs have high energy levels when it comes to hunting, they are always eager to do some hunting in the woods. These dogs not only excel in hunting, they are also good at tracking. They have an incredible sense of smell that is able to track down any potential prey. The dogs appearance is fairly similar to other Western European scenthound breeds. This breed has a long muzzle and a slightly domed head. These dogs not only have long muzzles but they have long ears that dangle on the side of their head. These dogs have a double coat, a double coat is two coats overlaying each other. The under coat is short, dense, and soft while the outer coat is medium length, dense, and rough. These dogs need lots of space so affection isn't something this dog is always down for. They make great watchdogs and hunting companions. These dogs are good with fellow dogs but chasing smaller pets like cats, rats, hamsters, etc. occurs often. These dogs are good at what they do and need to stay that way.

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