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Two of the crew spoke about the importance of divestment at the @fossilfreeuoa event yesterday. We’re calling on the @universityofauckland to live up to it’s name as a “world class” institution, fulfill its obligations to its key stakeholders (us, as students), and protect the interests of wider society #forallourfutures #divestment #fossilfree
Yuuuge support from the Young Progs & Student Climate Culture in showing up to the Board of Trustees meeting. UVM students lined the Silver Maple Ballroom to put faces behind the #divestment movement. Our University needs to uphold its own ideals regarding sustainability! #studentaction #youngprogs #divestfromfossilfuels
We were at #BHPagm this morning with London Mining Network, @waronwant, Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Medact as representatives resisting BHP's violent extractive projects in Arizona, US; la Guajira, Colombia; and from the #Samarco dam in #Brazil entered the AGM to be heard by BHP's shareholders.
#divest #divestment #climatechange #humanrights #coal #mine #dam #collapse #reparations #cerrejon #colombia #demo #protest
Did you know that banks and universities play a role in supporting warfare and the use of fossil fuels?
Find out what YOU can do about this at our "MOVE THE MONEY" presentation and talk tonight from 7-9pm in the Adam Smith Building 915 with Fossil Free Glasgow and the GU Arms Trade Initiative.
This event is free for all students, and everyone is welcome to have a pint or two at Coopers! (Image by Giedre Astrauskaite)
Back at the BOG. 📢#dalhousieu's Board of Governors voted against #divestment in 2014. Well guess fucking what?!?! The last three years have been the hottest 🔥 on record and WE ARE BACK. To bring another vote on divestment and to bring #climatejustice to Dal!
welcome back, friends! we hope that your fall quarter is off to a kick-ass start. join us for our first base meeting THIS FRIDAY from 5-6pm in McHenry room 2359 to engage in meaningful, relevant conversations💛 yummy snacks will be provided😛
A home that that exudes beauty, class and style. Attain a reflection of your own taste and personality with a touch of sophistication. #koplimited #hamiltonscotts #class #divestment #kopproperties #projects #luxury #singapore homes #luxuryhome #proudprojects #classicbeauty
kesdm 1w ago
Sambil menemani istirahat Sobat Energi malam ini, Minergi mau share tentang hasil perundingan antara Pemerintah dan Freeport (PTFI) pada tgl 27 Agustus 2017 lalu nih Sob!
Ada 4 POIN UTAMA yang disepakati:
1.Landasan hukum yang mengatur hubungan antara Pemerintah dan PTFI akan berupa Izin Usaha Pertambangan Khusus (IUPK), bukan berupa Kontrak Karya (KK)
2.Divestasi saham PTFI sebesar 51% untuk kepemilikan Nasional Indonesia. Hal-hal teknis terkait tahapan divestasi dan waktu pelaksanaan akan dibahas oleh tim dari Pemerintah dan PTFI
3.PTFI membangun fasilitas pengolahan dan pemurnian atau smelter selama 5 tahun, atau selambat-lambatnya sudah harus selesai pada 2022, kecuali terdapat kondisi force majeur
4.Penerimaan negara secara agregat lebih besar dibanding penerimaan melalui Kontrak Karya selama ini, yang didukung dengan jaminan fiskal dan hukum yang terdokumentasi untuk PTFI
Setelah Freeport menyepakati 4 poin tersebut di atas, maka perpanjangan masa operasi dapat diberikan maksimal 2x10 tahun dengan memenuhi persyaratan sesuai peraturan perundang-undangan.
Ikuti terus info terbaru dari perkembangan perundingan ini di akun resmi #kesdm ya sob ;) #kin3rjaesdm #freepottaatindonesiaberdaulat #kesdm #freeport #mining #cooper #gold #mine #freeportmcmoran #freeportmcmorancopperandgold #indonesia @kemenkeuri #divestment #smelting #smelter #smelt
Divestment is about making our money work for the Earth, rather than against it 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
And switching to Future Super is the easiest way to do it! (it literally takes two minutes and they do all the boring paper work for you) Plus if you join this month they'll donate fifty bucks to the #stopadani campaign on your behalf! It's so sweet knowing that your super is going towards the good stuff, and once you're signed up it's takes absolutely no effort! Slacktivism at its best. @future_super
Thank you for all of the amazing support for raising awareness about divesting Chatham from fossil fuels today!! Congrats @chathamuprez for your inauguration! #divestment #divestchatham #fossilfree

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